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Are there any plans for a successor to the James Webb Space Telescope?

Are there any plans for a successor to the James Webb Space Telescope?

the James Webb Space Telescope He is always the successor to the space telescope Hubble It describes, although strictly speaking, it is not: web The Hubble telescope is not the largest, but it observes in a different wavelength range in order, among other things, to answer questions that arise from data from Hubble aroused. That’s why we always write from here on web As a “scientific successor” to the Hubble Space Telescope. What kind of telescope would it be? James Webb Behind the infrared space telescope Spitzer.

But what might the next large telescope in space look like in the line of our ancestors Hubble And James Webb Fits? There is only one answer to that in the answer given recently nodal survey, which American astronomers have expressed their desire for in the coming decades. One of the dream projects that could make it possible, for example, to explore the atmospheres of exoplanets similar to Earth, is the “Super Hubble” telescope, that is, a space telescope with a mirror diameter of about six meters (such as James Webb), but in the same wavelength range as
Hubble Observed. This is estimated to cost more than ten billion US dollars, and could be completed in the 1940s. However, there are no more specific plans for this yet. (DS / December 30, 2021)

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