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HomePod Mini with misunderstanding and misunderstanding

HomePod Mini with misunderstanding and misunderstanding

HomePod mini problems only affect the German language setting of the mini speaker, even if it has HomePod OS 15.2 installed.

Reminders can no longer be created by voice commands, and iMessages can no longer be sent. A sharp detail: There is no error message about not sending messages, so users can assume their message was sent correctly, even though it wasn’t. It is also no longer possible to run short commands by voice.

Apple is not aware of any guilt if the green status indicator on the server location is used as a benchmark. In some cases, the amplifier does not announce the time, but remains silent.

The problems persisted until a few days after Christmas, so we can’t assume that the massive startup of the new HomePod Minis shouldn’t be causing the problem. Mac Life has also expertly reset one of its stubborn speakers without changing anything about the malfunction.

We assume that in the next few days Apple will fix problems that were not there when HomePod OS 15.2 was released.

Your experience is required

Do you also have problems with the HomePod mini? How do these difficulties manifest themselves? Feel free to write to us in the comment columns below this article how the mini smart speaker behaves for you, we are very curious.

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