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Are Yeliz Koc and Paco Herb from "Clash of the Reality Stars" dating?

Are Yeliz Koc and Paco Herb from “Clash of the Reality Stars” dating?

The two met on ‘Reality Stars Battle’: Is There Something Between Lillis Kog and Paco Herb?

Yeliz Koc and Paco Herb both became known through dating shows. 28-year-old Liliz Kog was once seen on ‘The Bachelor’ and recently caused feuds with her ex-boyfriend and father to baby Jimmy Blue Ochenknecht. Addresses. On the other hand, Paco Herb won on the dating show “Love Island”.

Now both of them met in the form of “Battle of the Reality Stars” and quickly caused relationship rumors: Yeliz Koc and Paco Herb seemed to get along well at once.

On “Dies Ochsenknechts” ex-boyfriend Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht made it clear that he does not know how Yeliz Koc will continue in the future. in one However, Instagram Q&A made it clearThat the return of their love is impossible.

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Liz Cog: “I met someone”

“The recording was before the ‘Reality Stars Battle.’ However, it was left open whether she meant Paco Herb.

“We don’t put ourselves under any pressure and we enjoy the time we can spend together,” Paco Herb said of his current relationship status in mid-March. Summarization.

On a podcast by Willis Cog “Bad Boss Moms”She runs it with her 26-year-old sister recently. Her alleged foreplay was not discussed. However, Paco Herb stated that he was not ready to participate in a dating show again. The reason for this is the public pressure that is weighing on the relationship, according to the reality TV star.

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Are Lilys Kog and Paco Herb a couple?

Perhaps the mystery was too colorful for the Instagram community – in a Q&A, someone directly asked the 26-year-old if he had been taken. The short answer was “no.” by Paco Herb.

“Are you still on good terms with Liliz?” Someone else wanted to know. “Clear”According to the influencer. It is unclear if anything happened between the two. However, they are not allowed to enter into a relationship at the moment.