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Are you disrespectful sometimes?  If 3 of these 7 sentences sound familiar to you, you must change something!

Are you disrespectful sometimes? If 3 of these 7 sentences sound familiar to you, you must change something!

no one is perfect! But some people make others feel bad or act disrespectful. If you’ve heard the following sentences before, it’s time to change your behaviour.

This is how you recognize bad people

None of us are perfect and that’s a good thing. After all, our “mistakes” make us who we are, and as we know, we can learn from our mistakes. Life isn’t always about doing everything right, it’s about acting according to your knowledge and belief while being considerate of others. However, if you intentionally give others a bad feeling and always act only in your own interest, the whole thing will look different again. However, intent does not mean that such behavior or decisions are always made consciously. Not being careful can also hurt or disappoint others. Other toxic behaviors include a lack of empathy, manipulation, aggression, and immorality.

But does that make you a bad person? And who decides good or bad anyway?

Having a bad day or doing something that other people don’t like doesn’t make someone a bad person. There are also different interpretations of what bad or bad actually means. However, if the people around you regularly feel insecure, uncomfortable, or even hurt in your presence, it may be time to change something. The same applies to the environment and animals! Treat others as you would like to be treated, and build your actions on the basis of gratitude and appreciation.

Take the test: Are you a bad person?

How do you know if you are a bad person? If you have heard the following statements in one way or another in relation to yourself, only a good portion of self-work will help you. Think about your behavior, find the reasons why you act the way you do, and change it.

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1. “I don’t trust you.”

If someone has said this to you before, especially if it’s someone close to you, it’s not a good sign. It may be because you don’t listen to others, don’t show understanding or tell everything to others. This is not a good personality trait and will make others close to you. Trust is not just about sharing fears, desires, and secrets, it is also about creating true human connection. Confidence is the basis of everything.

2. “You make me feel like you don’t care about me.”

Yes, you should put yourself first, to an extent. It is about self-love and finding and living your own happiness, but please don’t become selfish right away! Caring for others and not putting yourself above everything else is important to your friendship, family, and romantic relationships. Even at work, constantly extending your elbows isn’t helping anyone. There is a good middle ground on how to do justice to yourself and others and you should stop thinking only of yourself.

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3. “You’ll never be there when I need you”

Supporting each other and being there for each other through life’s small and big challenges is essential to a good relationship with each other. After all, you expect the same from others. Realize that life is all about give and take and be there for others.

4. “You’re jealous.”

Are you governed by envy and jealousy, and you do not envy anything else? Ask yourself why this is. We know it’s not always easy – especially when things aren’t going so well for you. But your personal happiness should not depend on the happiness of others. Learning to be happy for others can also affect you and make you feel good. Why don’t others deserve to have what you want for yourself?

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5. “I don’t feel appreciated by you.”

Do you take everything and everyone for granted and value nothing in your life? For example, being surrounded by people who treat you well or having a great job is nice, but not something to take for granted. Be grateful for the positive things and people in your life and show them your appreciation. This is the least you can do.

6. “You lie to me all the time.”

This alone may not necessarily make you a bad person in general, but it is very unfair behavior and a bad personality trait. No one likes to be lied to, and when the other person realizes that you are being dishonest, it not only leads to distrust, but also to great disappointment.

7. “You’re a narcissist.”

Just because someone is making this claim doesn’t mean it’s true. Narcissism is a personality trait that should be identified by experts, psychologists, or therapists. But if someone accuses you of being a narcissist or having narcissistic traits, you can assume that you hurt that person. Or he realizes that you treat others badly.

These may be signs of narcissism.