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Area 2: Workshop with a famous vegan chef

Area 2: Workshop with a famous vegan chef

Children with city councilor Jürgen Czernohorsky, Marina Hanke and chef Paul Ivic in the workshop. © BID/Vutava

Paul Ivic is the only chef in Austria to win a Michelin star for his purely vegetarian cuisine. But he also likes to pass on his knowledge and skills – this time it happened with climate city councilor Jürgen Czernohorsky at a FoodTrailer workshop in front of the youth club “Alte Trafik” ( on Volkertplatz in Leopoldstadt.

The trailer was developed by the City of Vienna – Environmental Protection for the practical teaching of healthy and sustainable nutrition in a comprehensive manner. For educational focus within the framework of the program “Vienna Eats GUT”. gHealthy and fun – ShEco-friendly and climate-friendly – T“ierfair” stops at events and schools and can be used in workshops.

Cooking together and enjoying yourself

Inside, the FoodTrailer has everything you need for informative and fun group cooking: a combination steamer, two induction cookers, work tables, a display for presentations, and a “danachda” board through which the origin of the food and its impact on the climate are conveyed in a playful way. It also has a photovoltaic system that enables energy-independent and sustainable operation for several hours.

Fun and lots of information

Childhood and adolescence in particular are the best and most important time to express that cooking is fun and how fun fresh, healthy and sustainable food can be. “Because at this age, preferences and eating habits are formed for the rest of life,” knows Marina Hanke, President of the Association of Youth Centers in Vienna. “The big advantage of the FoodTrailer is that it allows people to cook together, but also to teach other aspects of an overall healthy and sustainable diet,” adds Climate City Councilor Jürgen Czernohorsky.

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Cooking at the youth center

When preparing gnocchi with tomato sauce with the star chef, it became clear that the children and young people already had some prior knowledge and were skilled at cooking. When asked if they had ever cooked before, the answer came without hesitation: “Yes, at the youth center.” Because during the recent renovation and expansion of the ghat, a spacious open kitchen was also planned. “We now cook with children and young people at least once a week,” says Susan Schrott, director of