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ARTECONT presents Jacob Gasteiger’s 70th birthday show

ARTECONT presents Jacob Gasteiger’s 70th birthday show

His exhibition in the Albertina two years ago was called “Post-Radical Painting,” and the title chosen by Vienna Artkunt Gallery for its current show was not entirely appropriate for the artist: “70 Years of Jakob Gasteiger.” The Salzburg-born artist, who lives in Vienna and Winviertel, revealed to APA at yesterday’s party that he was not a big fan of parties and therefore let his September 6th birthday pass without much fanfare.

The exhibition, which runs until October 28, displays stunning works from the past few years and always impresses with the brilliance of the colors chosen. “Jacob Gastaiger’s works compete for attention. They remain in our minds. They are special and unique,” said Gerald Matte, former director of the Vienna Kunsthal, in his opening remarks, in which he pointed out a central fact in Gastaiger’s work. He: “Jacob Gasteiger consistently rejects any narrative. He is interested in the image itself, in painting, in the definability of the mass of color. His subject is the radical analysis of painting.”

The painter, whose trademark is to apply pattern-like structures with a spatula-comb, succeeds in “unifying the incompatible,” says Matt, that is, “constantly reinventing himself while at the same time staying true to himself.” This is also demonstrated by a collection of photographs taken by gallery owner Herwig Dönzendorfer, including two large Tondi photographs, complemented by an aluminum sculpture. Business prices range from four to five figures.

(Service – Exhibition “70 years of Jakob Gasteiger” until October 28, Tuesday to Friday from 11 am to 6 pm, Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm, ARTECONT Gallery, Vienna 1, Opernring 21,

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