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Sandra Bullock: The actress is still ashamed of this movie to this day

Sandra Bullock: The actress is still ashamed of this movie to this day

Sandra Bullock takes pride in her extensive cinematography – but one movie is a thorn in the actress’s side. She is still ashamed of this role to this day!

Sandra Bullock He (57) has starred in many great films. From “Gravity” to “Jury” to “LA Crash”. In 2010, she even received a Golden Globe and an Oscar for her role in the movie “Blind Side – The Great Chance”. However, the actress still looks back on one of her roles today – 25 years later – with regret: “Speed ​​2”.

“I’m still ashamed!” Bullock explains in an interview.

Sandra Bullock never disappoints with her Oscars!

Sandra Bullock: “I wish I hadn’t!”

In an interview with the American magazine “TooFab”, the Oscar-winner explained that the role in the movie is still uncomfortable for her: “This is a movie that I wish I had never directed before!” Bullock explains.

According to Bullock, “Speed ​​2,” the sequel to the 1997 blockbuster “Speed”, was not well received by fans of the film series. “There are no fans I know who have ever embraced her,” the actress said.

Maybe it’s because of the actor Keanu Reeves (57), who played for Bullock’s team in the first part, did not participate in the second.

"bird box": Sandra Bullock is really hot in the trailer

At least this movie was well received: Sandra Bullock in Bird Box.

Embarrassing Project: The movie is meaningless

Of course, the actress also explains why she was shy about the action movie. The whole movie is meaningless: “A slow boat slowly sailing towards an island.”

The interviewer does not seem to agree entirely with Bullock. He asserts that he really liked the action movie. Then Bullock jokes, “Have you been high?” – No, he was twelve years old, according to the journalist.

Bullock received a Worst Actress nomination for Speed ​​2

It’s a pity that kids don’t sit on the jury for Hollywood’s offensive Golden Raspberry – Then Bullock might not have been nominated for Worst Actress for her role in Speed ​​2.. In addition to being nominated, the film was also voted “worst sequel” at the time. Needless to say, the Academy Award winner would like this award to be removed from her summary.

We hope she won’t be embarrassed by Bullock’s new movie The Lost City, which releases in cinemas on April 21, 2022, any time soon. In the action comedy, Bullock co-stars Channing Tatum (41) Championship – also other big names like Brad Pitt (58) and Daniel Radcliffe (32) can be seen in the movie.

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