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Lotte Chemical builds a cathode foil factory in the US

Lotte Chemical builds a cathode foil factory in the US

South Korean chemical group Lotte Chemical is teaming up with Lotte Aluminum in the US state of Kentucky to build a factory to make cathode films for use in batteries for electric vehicles. The Hardin County plant is slated to open in 2025 and produce 36,000 tons of cathode foil.

According to reports, 122 jobs will be created in this plant. In total, the joint venture between the two Lotte Group companies will invest $238.7 million in the plant, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear’s office said.

In the governor’s report, the real background to the settlement of the Lotte plant was only mentioned in what was mentioned: Ford and SK On Last September BlueOvalSK announced the construction of a 600-acre battery manufacturing complex called Battery Park. The $5.8 billion project includes two adjacent factories, each producing up to 43 gigawatt hours per year, expected to begin production in 2025.

A BlueOvalSK battery park is also slated to be built in Hardin County, specifically on land in the Glendale community. Lotte’s factory is planned a few kilometers north in Elizabethtown.

“We will do our best to develop and support technologies so that we can consistently produce high-quality and high-performance cathode films in response to customer demands step by step,” said Kim Kyo Hyun, President and CEO of Lotte Chemical Company. By the end of April 2022 The likes of Lotte Chemical and General Motors-backed battery startup Soelect have announced plans to build a factory for battery products for use in electric vehicles in the US by 2025. The just-announced location in Kentucky is a separate project.

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Because of its favorable location between auto plants in Michigan and Ohio to the north and Tennessee, Alabama, and North Carolina to the south, Kentucky has grown into an important e-commerce location. Toyota It plans to make fuel cells for H2 trucks there, Ascending elements There wants to make battery stuff and Envision has AESC In April announced plans to build its American Battery factory in Bowling Green, Warren County. And for that CATL’s main US site Kentucky still runs alongside South Carolina.,