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Arsenal-Tottenham Hotspur: Arsenal beat Tottenham in the north London derby

Arsenal-Tottenham Hotspur: Arsenal beat Tottenham in the north London derby

The north London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham has known only one direction from the start. While Spurs acted passively, Arsenal challenged it only from the joy of playing. The deserved opening goal fell early. Bukayo Saka asked Sergio Reguilon, who was very passive, to dance, and Emil Smith Rowe used the cross at the right moment as an ice (12).

When Spurs slowly improved a bit in the game, the Red North from London responded to the guests. This time Smith put Roe after a counterattack by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (27). Just over half an hour later, Arsenal made the initial decision. Once again Arsenal overwhelmed Tottenham. Saka With a bit of luck, Harry Kane wanted to clear his penalty area, but with his intervention made the score 3-0 for the goal (34).

Arsenal FC was ruthlessly effective, Spurs negative. The only good chances on the track were given by Son (22) and Kane after a corner kick, as he headed the goal header (39).


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Arsenal started the second half motivated, but didn’t get any big chance. After that, the guests found their way better and better. Harry Kane missed two good chances to make the North London derby exciting again early on (61, 62). Above all, the center forward’s second chance should have meant calling, but Kane missed the framework.

In the last stage, Saka made the decision on his feet, but Hugo Lloris was able to distinguish himself for the first time (73). Spurs couldn’t deny the effort even after the break. Then Tottenham rewarded themselves with a goal. Of course, it was Heung Min Son who made it 3-1 from Tottenham’s point of view (79th). During development, Granit Shaka injured his knee. Follow-up examinations should show the severity of the injury. The former Gladbacher was at least able to walk off the field on his own (81).

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Spurs did not give up, but the defender came too late. The last chance belonged to Lucas Moura, but his skewed shot was aimed at the crossbar by Aaron Ramsdale (90+2).

Tweet about the game:

The national coach’s third visit to the London Stadium this weekend. Before that, watch the first match between Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool 3:3 in Brentford. Bernd Leno sat on the bench for only 90 minutes.

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Overall, Spurs were overpowered by a bit undervalued. Only Arsenal played their counterattack in the first half effectively and ruthlessly until the end. The guests’ lack of self-confidence was evident after the failure of the past few weeks, especially in the first round. With weaker opportunities on the one hand or greater efficiency on the other – especially Kane – something could have been achieved for Spurs.

Statistics: 3

Tottenham conceded three consecutive Premier League goals for the third time. The last time it happened to them was in September 2003.

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