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Werder Bremen scores against Dresden: Roger Asali - Division 6!

Werder Bremen scores against Dresden: Roger Asali – Division 6!

SV Werder Bremen lost 3-0 to Dynamo Dresden and performed very poorly. Players in individual review – with scores.

Michael Zetterer: Still a regular goalkeeper after the coach did not rule out a goalkeeper change at the start of the week. As the only Bremer in his natural form, though, he was rarely able to show off his skills. When the goals were accepted, his teammates let him down. Note 3

Mitchell Weiser (Up to 71st): The right-back loses a lot of balls completely off the track, then tries absolutely crazy things like direct admission from a distance. Note 5

Milos Velikovic: A special day for the Serbs! He not only celebrated his 26th birthday, but also led Werder onto the field as captain in a competitive match for the first time. He was for a long time one of the few Bremen residents who did not make any serious mistakes, but then he fell for his colleagues. Note 4,5

Marco Friedel: He was allowed to play again for the first time since his strike in the fifth round. He looked very excited, constantly blocking early deficits, but then reacted very late in the center of defense before 0:1, and also picked up the offside. After the break, he had to help out as a left-back – and it was clear again that this was not his position. Note 5

Anthony Jung (Up to 45th place): His unexplained yellow card due to a foul (17) took the left-back completely off the mark. Suddenly with bad passes, one of which started 0:1. He was in danger of yellow and red early on, so it was doubly understandable that he stayed outside after the break. Note 5

Werder Bremen in the notes: Niklas Schmidt is too arrogant against Dynamo Dresden – Romano Schmid fails miserably

Elia Grove: Starting the eleven-first show for the 21-year-old—and that’s just as the six. At first he did his job very well, there was no trace of nervousness. But he also broke up bad passes and ball losses. At 0-2 it looked really bad. Note 4,5

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Nikolai Rab: Sometimes you had to look for. He could hardly give the offensive match an eighth impetus, at least escaping the big mistakes behind him. Note 4,5

Eren Dinksy (Up to 62): He regained the seat to the right of Nankishi, but had problems finding his rhythm. A good chance to head the ball (25th position), there was not much for him, because he stopped at the end even with good behavior. Note 5

Niklas Schmidt (Up to 62nd place): Forgetting the first half, even changing shoes a quarter of an hour later didn’t help. Because Schmidt stayed on his arrogant style of play, much to the annoyance of the starting coach, who yelled at the midfielder after a failed back-heel trick across the field. When Schmidt improved a bit after the break, he had to come out. Note 5

Romano Schmid: complete failure on the left. Arrogance rather than struggle can become a thing in Dresden. At least try to bite into the game. However, things did not improve. Note 5,5

Werder Bremen vs Dynamo Dresden: Roger Asali with unprofessional performance – 6th grade

Marvin Doksh: Unlucky day for the quarterback. As before against HSV, I didn’t get a penalty (36th place), again it was tough. However, Ducksch got a little weird in this scene. His commitment was right, he wanted to inspire his teammates, create opportunities, but in the end he lacked precision and luck. Note 4,5

Lars Lucas May (from 46): He had to wait halfway for a special guest appearance in his hometown of Dresden and then let himself dance in the penalty area, which had no consequences. Things didn’t get much better. Note 4,5

Niklas filling jug (from 62nd place): With all the enthusiasm – the ball didn’t want to go to Dresden either. Just hit the shaft on the head. Noticeable –

Roger Asali (of 62): What is this cute, please? The newcomer caused not the turnaround as hoped, but the initial decision in Dresden’s favour. And how! First, he fell on his way to a great chance of equalizing, then defended in such an unprofessional way that one had to ask the question: couldn’t Asali do it better or didn’t he want it? As for this non-performance, which is crucial to the game, there is, as an exception, a score despite the late switching – which is 6.

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Manuel Mbom (of 71): Very difficult, but not as effective as his colleagues. Noticeable –

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Regarding the last message from September 25, 2021:

Werder Bremen line-up: with Marco Friedel, but without Jerry Pavlenka in the starting line-up against Dynamo Dresden

Update (September 26, 2021, 12:30 p.m.): Now the lineups are here! Marco Friedel plays again, Michael Zetterer stays in goal instead of Jerry Pavlenka. Full eleven start and everything else is available in Werder Bremen vs Dynamo Dresden live stream.

Werder Bremen will play Dynamo Dresden in the eighth round of the second German Bundesliga. Will goalkeeper Jerry Pavlenka return to the starting lineup? This is what coach Marcus Anfang’s squad could look like!

Bremen – Jerry Pavlenka Saturday morning came as Werder’s first pro on the training ground, then coach Marcus Anfang spoke with the goalkeeper for a long time. It smells like a goalkeeper change, as the coach will hardly explain to Pavlenka why the Czech will also face the first leg on Sunday. Dresden Dynamo (1:30 p.m.) The second number behind it Michael Zetterer remain. The same start was on Friday at the game’s press conference SV Werder Bremen Already indicated a change in the gate. And there could be an interesting change in that The starting lineup You give the affected person a lot of pain.

For Lars Lucas May, this is homecoming Dresden Dynamo His heart is beating. His brother Sebastian also plays there. This has been a big topic for days. But the beginning confirmed several times that, as a coach, he had no regard for these individual stories when messing with The starting lineup can take. During the match in the last training session, the coach allowed SV Werder Bremen Then Marco Friedel He defends in the four-line defense instead of Mayo. However, only in the first half, Mai joined the team, which looked a lot like the formation of A. Mitchell Weiser, Milos Velikovic and Anthony Young completed a four-way defense.

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Werder Bremen lineup: Will goalkeeper Jerry Pavlenka be in the starting lineup against Dynamo Dresden?

Before that there was double six Nikolai Rab And Elia Grove (As a replacement for the injured Christian Gross). Eren Dinke, Niklas Schmidt and Romano Schmid formed an attacking triple series in which striker Marvin Doksch was supposed to feed the balls. By the way, the goal of this team was Zetterer, not Pavlenka. He will remain with number one as he has been so far this season in Werder’s lineup I was? Well, there are coaches who consciously swap goalkeepers in the last training match in order to challenge the average goalkeeper a little more. How is the start after three months? Werder Bremen Not quite clear yet.

Werder Bremen line-up vs Dinamo Dresden: Who is coach Marcus Anfang in the starting lineup?

After all, he consciously took care of Pavlenka again. The goalkeeper missed a short corner with a cross from Dinksy. The coach gave a reassuring pat and some words of encouragement. And so he left Jerry Pavlenka Training ground with a smile on your face – not like the first, but chatting with a few colleagues. In addition to the injured Gross, Leonardo Bettencourt, Felix Ajo and Omer Toprak, who will also miss the SV Werder Bremen match at Dynamo Dresden due to muscle problems, missed the last training session. (kni) This is how you see Werder Bremen vs Dynamo Dresden live on TV and in live broadcast!

This is the possible line-up for SV Werder Bremen against Dynamo Dresden.

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