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As in heaven – the grandiose musical project is looking for supporters

As in heaven – the grandiose musical project is looking for supporters

An incredible amount of time has already been invested with a lot of heart and soul to turn an idea into a reality. A special kind of musical is planned, the premiere of which is scheduled for March 2024. The musical was created based on the movie “As in Heaven”. The Biberbach orchestra is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and was really excited about the piece they saw in Linz years ago. The desire to stage such a large project was also always present. There was great joy when it was decided that this major musical project should be realized with the support of the “Querfödein” choir of Sankt Johann in Engstetten.

Actors from the Theaterbühne Biberbach and Volksbühne Waidhofen an der Ybbs will also participate. The entire act is professionally complemented by an orchestra, a young filmmaker, a vocal coach, and veteran director Oishi Nochiri. Of course, a project of this magnitude also needs sponsors, for example to rent halls, lighting and sound technology, licenses, royalties, orchestras or even professionals. Therefore, now more than 60 contributors are asking for support through crowdfunding.

Various packages have been put together for the required amount, which can be purchased, such as a VIP ticket, participation in a workshop, presentation of the company logo, and much more as a thank you. Now it is important to quickly get the first third of the required amount by getting it from sponsors. Subsequently, there will be financial support for this cultural event from the Bank of Austria in the amount of 5,000 euros, which will secure the project. It is gratifying that funding has already been pledged by the state of Lower Austria and the municipality of Biberbach. The two choirs are delighted when their great enthusiasm is shared and look forward to any support through the following link:

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Music “As in Heaven” – Crowdfunding at wemakeit