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Chase Squad – SHOCK2 trailer revealed

Chase Squad – SHOCK2 trailer revealed

Ubisoft has a reveal trailer Crew Festival Cars: Chase Band It is shown.

Prepare to start Year 2 in November 2024

Crew Motorfest moves into high gear with the start of year two in November 2024, bringing a new era of racing fun! Enjoy a new island to explore, new vehicles, new playlists, and much more!

Discover a new island: Oahu

Expand your racing world with the stunning island of Oahu, Hawaii! Experience diverse landscapes, from dense forests to volcanic mountains, and overcome new challenges on winding roads and rugged tracks.

New cars to suit all driving styles

Expand your collection with a fleet of all-new vehicles perfectly designed to match O'ahu's new challenges. Whether you prefer supercars or rugged off-road driving, there's something new in Year 2 to suit every driving style.

Dive into new playlists

The high-energy playlists of The Crew Motorfest are expanded with new tracks of different genres that will make your racing experience even more intense. Let yourself get carried away with the pulsating tunes and find the perfect soundtrack to your Oahu adventures.

And much more!

In addition to the new content, Year 2 also brings several improvements and enhancements to The Crew Motorfest. Look forward to a smoother gameplay experience, new customization options, and more.

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