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Ashton Kutcher's inextricable bond with his twin, Michael

Ashton Kutcher’s inextricable bond with his twin, Michael

But his parents pushed him a lot because their parents had a philosophy that “Mike would be able to do anything his brother can do.” When a student grows up [Ashton] Me too,” the actor’s twin brother recalls their childhood together.

From the beginning, the family avoided stigmatizing Michael because of his disability.

Kutcher added, “Nobody in our family, nobody in our world has ever pointed out any difference. I just felt like there are things he’s good at and there are things I’m good at.”

Michael Kutcher suffered a heart attack

When he was 13 years old, Michael Kutcher faced another grim diagnosis. At the time, a cardiologist diagnosed him with heart failure and said he had less than a month to live before he suffered an inevitable cardiac arrest. Only a few weeks later, it looked like Michael might not survive when he actually went into cardiac arrest.

Through tears, Ashton Kutcher recalled the moment when the line on the electrocardiograph, which represents the activity of the heart, suddenly became flat. “Then they grabbed me and pulled me out, and I said, ‘What the hell is going on here?'” said Kutcher, who at that moment in the interview took his brother’s hand as Michael wiped his eyes.

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