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From “Culture Fun” – summer, sun and culture in Buchlaren

From “Culture Fun” – summer, sun and culture in Buchlaren

Cinema in the yard

The first warm summer evenings in June are marked by the traditional “cinema in the yard”. Pöchlarner’s churchyard has been converted for this purpose 2 and 3 June iAn open-air cinema invites you to enjoy a movie from 8:30 pm. The intimate film “Happiness on a scale of 1 to 10” will be shown on Friday and on Saturday there will be “Greece” by Thomas Stepsetts, which will give you a real holiday feeling with guaranteed wanderlust. The Little Gourmet Mile concludes the summer cinema evening with delicacies from our favorite holiday countries and is open from 6:30pm. For the first time, there are also two children’s movies, each showing at 6pm in the meeting room. The movie opens with “Latte Hedgehog and the Magical Water Stone,” a vibrantly animated movie for young children and adults alike. Children’s cinema Friday. This Saturday will be followed by the Austrian production “Stories from Franz” based on the series of children’s books by Christine Nostlinger. With popcorn and ice cream, an afternoon at the cinema becomes an all-encompassing experience for the little ones, too. Tickets are available from the municipality or at the box office.

Celebration of the coup

As part of the “Fire Magic Nibelungengau” it takes place at June 24th The popular celebration of the solstice takes place in the Pöchlarner Nibelungenwiese. Starting at 8pm there will be live music: from Wolfgang Ambros to ZZ Top with the groovy “Austropop meets rock” on stage at Dunnoland. Let yourself be enchanted and experience the highlight of the Midsummer festivities on the Danube in Pöchlarn with the lighting of the Midsummer Bonfire, the passing of the Danube illuminated ships and the spectacular fireworks display (around 10:30pm).

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Danube, time out, concert, picnic

In the July 22nd Pöchlarn municipality organizes the first Donau excursion. Auszeit.Konzert with a stroll on the steps of the Donau. The sounds of the TZ Big Band under the direction of Bernhard Thain and delicacies from picnic baskets, served on site, but you can also bring your own, ensure a cool and relaxing summer evening. All guests are welcome to rest on the lawn, ladders, and benches, invite neighbors over for their own blankets and roast by the glass, and admission is free.

The Big Kokoschka 3.0.0 Update

A large open-air gallery on twelve house facades in the center of Pöchlarn from june View a new offer. For the third time, kokoschka bangs are fitted to the massive frame. For the first time, the exhibition presents pictures from the artist’s life. Photographs from the OK Document Archives and the Kokoschka Center in Vienna provide insight into the various stages of Kokoschka’s eventful life. An accompanying volume provides insights into the individual images, which are publicly accessible at all times and will enrich downtown by the end of 2025.

Kokoschka: The Stormy Years in Berlin

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Oskar-Kokoschka-Documentation, Pöchlarn becomes the special exhibition “Oskar Kokoschka. Stormy years in Berlin”. This is dedicated to Kokoschka’s work for the Berlin magazine Der Sturm. On the occasion of the anniversary, the emergence and eventful history of the research facility and exhibition operations in the house where Kokoschka was born will be examined in more detail. the Vernissage will take place on May 5th Instead, the exhibition is open from From May 6th to October 26th, Daily from 10 am to 5 pm.


City Councilor for Culture Jasmine Fuchs and her team are already looking forward to a colorful summer of culture with many beautiful moments in Buchlaren.