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Time, patch notes and everything related to the release and expansion in the index

Time, patch notes and everything related to the release and expansion in the index

The expansion comes at the same time as new content from the patch.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has been in Early Access since fall 2022 and has received a lot of new content since then. But today the stage ends. The game will be released with Update 8 and new content in the full version on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The first expansion will also be released at the same time. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about it and keep you updated in the bar.

Monday, December 5, 2023

10:48 am

The update is expected to be rolled out again around 3pm German time. When the time comes, the game will be €10 more expensive in digital stores. So, if you don’t own the game yet but want to play, these are the last few hours where you can get it for a little cheaper. You will also receive some bonuses such as the appearance of a house and a cute capybara.

So far there are no signs that the game will be removed from Game Pass, but it may be possible soon. So it may be worth buying the game now if you don’t want to pay more in the future just because the game is no longer part of the service. As a Game Pass member, the game currently costs just €24, where you still get a 20 percent permanent discount.

10:26 am

Today the time has come and the eighth update for Disney Dreamlight Valley has been released. This time there’s more than just free content. There’s also the paid expansion A Rift in Time for €30. You can find all the details here.

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Before the update is released, you can now download it View patch notes. This has everything you can expect without any expansion. The most important thing is the return of the Pumpkin King aka Jack Skellington. The famous character from The Nightmare Before Christmas is waiting for you in your village and will come to you even if you don’t have the expansion.

Dreamlight Valley 8 Update and Full Version: All Information

  • When will update 8 be released? The update was announced on December 5. We expect this to happen at exactly three in the afternoon, as game updates always appear at this time.
  • What’s in the update? Multiplayer features coming with the update. A new character also appears in the game, Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This is the multiplayer update: With the update, you’ll now be able to invite up to three friends to your Valley to view and then exchange items with them. You can also visit the Scrooge McDuck Shop (via

Also available for full version Different versions of the game available.

  • Basic game (8000 moonstones)
  • Gold version: The base game with the expansion and the following additional bonuses: Floral Kaibara Skin, Artist Outfit, and Floral Summer House (15,000 Monsteen)
  • Expansion Corridor: However, you must already own the base game (5000 Moonstones)

Bonus for everyone who has the Founder’s Edition: You will get the Gold Edition cosmetic rewards for free starting December 5th. You can find it directly in your mailbox after the update. However, you will not get 15,000 Moonstones.

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The biggest change in the next update:

Expansion of the rift in time

The expansion will be released at the same time as the full release “A rift in time”. As shown above, it is available separately in the expansion card. Today the first chapter “Welcome to the Island of Eternity” is released. This island is the new location you can travel to in the DLC.

You can watch a trailer here:

Disney Dreamlight Valley - The Big A Rift in Time update in the trailer

Start the video


Disney Dreamlight Valley – Big update for “A Rift in Time” in the trailer

The second chapter, “The Spark of Imagination,” will appear in the spring of 2024, and the third, “Treasures of Time,” in the summer, and the exact dates are not yet known.

Expansion brings:

  • New characters: In the first chapter, Rapunzel, Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) and Eve (Wall-E)
  • New biomes on Isle of Eternity: Land of the Ancients (coast), wild jungle, sparkling sand dunes (desert)
  • A new divine tool: sand clock

The story revolves around the plans of the evil Jafar, who is searching for the spark of imagination. As you confront him and discover secrets and treasures, you will have a new mysterious master tool at your disposal, the Hourglass. You can use their magic to find relics and build ancient machines.

Are you already looking forward to the new content? What do you expect from them?