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At least 1 player has earned a refund on Steam

At least 1 player has earned a refund on Steam

On Steam, players turn their backs on Battlefield 2042. – (C) DICE, EA, Valve – DG Photo montage

The number of players in Battlefield 2042 is rapidly dwindling. More people are currently playing Battlefield 5, and its predecessor, and Battlefield 1 (the former) may have more players than the latest branch of the shooting game series. Trouble with the game has prompted some fans to ask for a refund. At least one player managed to bypass Steam’s refund policy to get their money back.

Reddit user ‘Roboserg’ sent two messages to a Steam client requesting to redeem Battlefield 2042. The first request was denied by the PC platform. After all, Roboserg had already played for 4 hours by this time. As the player noted, he spent two out of four hours fixing a bug that kept resetting the config file.

“The defective condition of the game and its flaws did not allow me to test the game properly, which is why I want a refund for the game,” wrote Robosserge. Steam finally waved the two hour gaming flag as a “customer service signal” and returned the money to Roboserg. It is currently unknown if more players have been able to request a positive refund for the multiplayer shooter.

Battlefield 2042 cashback: PlayStation players are less fortunate than those on Steam

As stated in the comments in last reddit As can be read, PlayStation players who requested a refund of Battlefield 2042 are less fortunate. After all, some of those who bought Cyberpunk 2077 for the PlayStation 4 at the time and received a full refund haven’t given up yet. Sony is generally much stricter when it comes to refunds.

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Battlefield 2042’s player numbers have taken troubling effects. according to DICE’s latest shooter hits just over 15,000 players every day. Battlefield 5 has just under 10,000 players on Steam, an increase of nearly 600% over the previous month.

Actually sad, considering that Steam set new records for gamers at the end of the year.

Battlefield 2042 was supposed to be a positive reboot of the game series, but it backfired somewhat. – (C) EA, dice

EA and DICE are under great pressure

Battlefield 2042’s publishers and developers have promised to take action to ease fan anger. It went so far that EA’s Director of Communications, Andy McNamara, on Twitter, that fans should back off. Most DICE developers were at home with their families during the holidays. Meanwhile the tweet in question has been deleted, but it shows the pressure EA and DICE are on to please fans once again.

According to Steam’s refund policy, the game can be returned within 14 days of its release and the game time is less than 2 hours. More information on this is provided by Steam support.

the Battlefield 2042 Season 1 According to the data miner, it should start in March 2022, by that time DICE is likely to better implement many of the points criticized by fans. Meanwhile, a parody of the game on Steam causes laughs: clowns 2042. The game has many bugs and will keep it up. There are no updates.

Battlefield 2042 is available for Windows PC (Steam, Origin), Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4.

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