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Everything new is here in Android 12L Beta 2 [Gallery]

Everything new is here in Android 12L Beta 2 [Gallery]

Preview time for the first scene Intermediate course upgrade (concentrated Foldable devices, tablets, and Chrome OS) for Android have been around for many years. Join us as we describe all the new features and changes in Android 12L beta 2 for pixel phones.

In the coming hours, all new features and changes from Android 12L will be included in the first beta. (New updates are at the top of this list. Check back often and tell us what you saw in the comments below. Screenshots of Beta 1 on the left and Beta 2 on the right.)

Google plans to release 12 liters in the first quarter of 2022, most likely in March. There is also beta before that happens.

Updated M3 button to access camera/microphone

Bottom/Upper Rounded Corners of Utility Pairs

“Upper Back” -> “Split”

  • Currently “Split Screen” in Android 12. Call

Graphic Power Button Assistant

Shortcut to “Deactivate Airplane Mode”

Dual line Taktsystem

  • In addition to adjusting the lock screen clock display position, Beta 2 introduces a “two-line clock” change in Settings > Display > Lock screen. This option is aimed at those who hate the big clock that was introduced with Android 12 and adds the time in the upper left corner.

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