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At the Quail’s Workshop – Ei am what ei am! Retz students deepened their knowledge of white people

The question of which came first, the chicken or the egg, no longer arises for “mini-maxi chefs” at Retz Middle School and Tourist Schools as of this week. The answer is simple: Jutta Poinstingl.

Unternalberin discovered her love for poultry in 2017 and founded the Wachtelwerksatt. Themed “Ei am what ei am…”, a mini-maxi cooking event took place at the quail workshop in Unternalb. And the mini-chefs’ knowledge of eggs has expanded exponentially, from a visit to the chicken yard to a four-course menu this afternoon I played all the egg bits.

LDS students in the second advanced course had independently made a menu based around chicken eggs and quail eggs, and the ingredients, as always, came from the region. From Weinviertler Bruchetta with quail eggs As a tribute from the kitchen, poached eggs in a cup were used for roast chicken with oven-roasted vegetables, Easter cakes, chicken, quail eggs and chicken. As Easter approached, the eggs were also painted with natural colors and then decorated with wax. The associated Easter nests could not have been missing and were diligently repaired by the youngsters.

Michael Vesely, founder of Slow Food Village Retz, and middle school principal Cornelia Dammelhart enjoyed a four-course menu with the students. As a thank you, the students of Maxi Gutta Buenstengel gave two ivy sticks to display the quail workshop, which we hope will flourish just like the quail workshop.