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Volkswagen: e-mobility on the Greek island

Volkswagen: e-mobility on the Greek island


05/06/2021 • 11:11 AM
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The first electric cars are heading to charging stations in Astypalea Volkswagen

Astypalea is the complete shift to e-mobility and green energy generation.

Volkswagen and Greece Want a transportation system Astypalea island in the Mediterranean fully open climate neutral transport rearrangement. Mobility is electric, powered by locally produced green electricity. new Mobility Services Such as car sharing and ride to replace the previous primitive bus route. In total, not only should the mobility be improved, but the number of vehicles on the island should also be improved about a third Director Office.

In the presence of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Volkswagen President Herbert Diess, the first electric cars have now been put into service. At the same time he left the first Private and public charging points for the network. “Astypalea is Future Lab for Decarbonization in Europe. On the island, we are researching in real time what motivates people to switch to e-mobility and what incentives are needed to transition to a sustainable lifestyle,” Lighthouse project in the Mediterranean.

The first electric cars will arrive in police as well as in an airport and in Island management to use. Sales to private customers will start at the end of June, you can choose from e-Up!, The Compact ID.3 and SUV ID.4 as well as Elektroroller seat Mó. The Greek government is also supporting the shift to e-mobility through purchase premiums.

The island’s energy system will be converted to renewable energies in two phases: By 2023, a New solar garden Connecting about 3 megawatts of green electricity. This covers 100 percent of the electricity required for electronic vehicles and more than 50 percent of the islands’ total energy requirements. It will be expanded further by 2026 – by that time about 80 percent of total energy requirements should be covered. a batteries It will help keep the grid stable and use the solar garden as efficiently as possible. To date, the island has been supplied with electricity from diesel generators.

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Scientists from the University of Strathclyde (Scotland) and the University of the Aegean (Greece) will accompany and systematically evaluate the transformation of Astypalea. The study focuses on The people of Astypalaia and their attitudes toward transformation. The results should then be made publicly available and could help other regions to speed up the transition to e-mobility.