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At the Reverend's residence with Harald Erka

At the Reverend’s residence with Harald Erka

St. Andrew’s in Sosalthis is in Styria About halfway between Graz and the Slovenian border. The grape-growing town is a cluster of a few farms, houses and a parish church in the centre.

is right next door Old parsonageBeautifully restored, impressive building dating back to the 14th century. It’s now an interior design A gem with the best restaurant.

Chef Harald Erka

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Chef Harald Erka so is Partner Lisa Jacir They made it their mission in 2020 to welcome their guests here uncomplicatedAnd the High quality And the never forget fun experience to prepare.

a Surprise list in seven courses Will it be, for example, full of the gifts of local nature. (It is not uncommon for a guest to have up to 12 dishes in front of their nose.) The young chef was apt for unusual combinations at his former workplace. She got very famous.

by the way: The mountain landscape view is absolutely gorgeous. and for night stand up Six modern nostalgic guest rooms with a swimming pool to get rid of them.


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