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Restricted circles |

Restricted circles |

Tulln has 27 intersections. So there is no chance for Milton Keynes.

From Guido Tartaruti

The city of Tulln in Lower Austria has many beautiful sights. Egon Schiele Museum, which is Aubad and the second largest sugar silo in Europe. Lots of floral decorations, International Horticultural Fair and You & the Animal Fair. Former ski racer and ORF commentator Thomas Sykora, football player Nina Burger and musician Voodoo Jürgens.

Most importantly, it has 27 beautiful carousels.

But there is no chance of Tulane facing the English city of Milton Keynes. It has 130 rotors.

Alas, Vertigo is an invitation for artistically unstable characters to beautify it. In Brunn am gebirge there is a roundabout, in the center of which a concrete hand extends the car towards the sky.

Roundabouts make traffic faster and safer too. Certainly safer than the “restricted level crossing” reported by KURIER.

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