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At the Times Gala: Sports dream pair Shiffrin and Kilde grab attention

Last season, Michaela Shiffrin surpassed Ingmar Stenmark’s long-standing record with her 88th World Cup victory. Bonus: a couple of weeks ago, the American was elected to the illustrious circle of those 100 people who will have the greatest influence around the world in 2023 by the famous “Time” magazine. Shifrin was included in the category of “pioneers”.

The Times Gala was held in New York on Wednesday night. Among the more than 300 guests: Shifrin and her friend Alexander Amudet Kilde (30). The two skating rinks clearly enjoyed their glamorous appearance on the red carpet and posed for photographers as a dreamy sports couple.

Michaela Schiffrin

Before the ceremony, Shivrin shared her preparations on Instagram, showing how her hair was styled and taking her fans in the limousine she drove to the event. The same evening, the dreamy, athletic couple took a photo with actors Michael B. Jordan and Austin Butler, and model Kaia Gerber. Shiffrin captioned the snap, “It was surreal to meet so many amazing people tonight.”

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