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This is how Fernando Alonso reacted to the rumors about Taylor Swift

This is how Fernando Alonso reacted to the rumors about Taylor Swift

( – Fernando Alonso isn’t just a racing guru. Even during the Formula 1 break in April, he managed to grab the headlines. And not only because of his sporting achievements. Because shortly after the breakup with TV reporter Andrea Schlager became public just after the race in Melbourne, there are now hot rumors about a new love on the Internet.

Taylor Swift and Fernando Alonso are hot topics on the internet right now…

According to countless news portals, Alonso is said to be dating American pop star Taylor Swift. Alonso makes little effort to deny the rumors: “I have nothing to say about them,” he denied Thursday in Baku. When asked whether or not this was true, he replied only: “I can’t say more about that.” With a big smile on his face…

He fueled the rumors himself, on his TikTok channel. Alonso posted there Video for yourselfAs he was listening to the song “Karma” in which Taylor Swift posed hilariously for the camera. In the description of the video, Hearts and Feeling 33 rally, which Taylor Swift fans see at least as a hint — since the singer is currently 33 years old.

But that’s not all: the post also includes the caption “Race week era”, which on the one hand refers to the end of the race-free hiatus in Formula 1, but on the other hand could also be a reference to Taylor Swift’s current “tour era”.

Just a gag or is there more?

Alonso leaves it open whether he is just enjoying her or if there is something to the rumors of love. Especially since the Miami Grand Prix is ​​on the program after Paco, as it will be on everyone’s lips and an interview partner is in demand in light of media reports.

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However, Alonso points out that he did not take social media as seriously as some of his followers: “I was always a little sarcastic,” he says, referring, for example, to the gags “El Plan” and “33”.

“Other drivers have their own staff who take care of their social media channels. I don’t. Maybe I’m a little more reliable than others. Maybe I’m not always quite right. But that’s who I am,” the 41-year-old says.

With over 200 million records sold, Taylor Swift is one of the most popular pop stars in the world. Netflix even dedicated its own documentary to Americans. And according to US tabloids, Swift is now single again. She recently split from her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, after six years together.

Alonso: This is how he sees his chances in Baku

But while Alonso entertains media reports like this, the focus is of course on the race. After three third places in a row, he is aiming for the next podium at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku.

Vettel vs. Alonso: Who will win the team duel?

In this video, with the help of our technology partner Paceteq, we break down who will come out on top in an indoor Aston Martin duel.

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“We realize this chain is going to break at some point,” he says. “We don’t know if we are good enough to continue so far in the field. Yes, we have a fast car. But we have to be a team that excels in all areas and that’s where the rate of development is important. We are fighting against teams like Mercedes and Ferrari, who used to fight for Championship and who bring new parts to each race.

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“Maybe we’re good enough to keep up with them, but it’s all new for us. It’s surprising that we’re getting so far ahead. We have a low-powered winger for Baku, but is that enough? I don’t know” We realize we’ll have to live with it if we only finish sixth and seventh. This is our natural center. But of course we still want to challenge Red Bull and we don’t give up.”

The Aston Martin veteran does not consider it impossible to win a race in 2023: “We need special conditions for that. But Gasly won at Monza a few years ago, Esteban in Hungary. Anyone can win a race. The closer you are at the front, the better it is.” Easier. That’s what we’re trying to achieve.”