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Attack on Tesla: Volkswagen is building a new power plant near...

Attack on Tesla: Volkswagen is building a new power plant near…

It appears that the world’s largest car company, Volkswagen, wants to build its own factory for its new electric model Trinity. It will be built near the headquarters.

In competition with Tesla, Volkswagen will likely build its own plant for its new electric model Trinity. The car plant will be built near the headquarters in Wolfsburg, Europe’s largest automaker announced Tuesday evening. However, the supervisory board has yet to finalize the decision.

The project is considered one of the main points in the investment strategy for the next five years. According to the information, the Trinity project will be located at a separate production facility – it is planned to create a kind of “second Wolfsburg plant”. According to estimates of corporate circles, its construction may cost at least a few hundred million euros.

The company explained that “the new factory will be built on green land outside the factory wall.” “Various locations in the vicinity of Wolfsburg are in question”. The end of the planning round, which was actually planned for Friday (November 12), has recently been pushed back to December 9 – and a final decision may be made by then.

Trinity is set to usher in a new technological era

The Trinity is expected to be fully operational in 2026. It is a completely redesigned vehicle system utilizing the latest electric motors as well as Volkswagen’s self-programming software, networking and autonomous driving technologies. To do this, the brand uses another developer platform called SSP, which its affiliates should also have access to.

More than 40 million cars will be built on this technical foundation. The largest German company wants to attack its American rival Tesla, which is already about to start operating the new “Gigafabrik” in Grünheide near Berlin.

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Ten hours of production per car

“Competitive pressure is growing – not least on our doorstep. We have to make Wolfsburg fit for the future now,” explained Ralf Brandstätter, Head of Core Brand. It is possible to produce ten hours per car. “The main plant on the Maitland Canal will be completely modernized based on this model,” said Volkswagen.

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