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Volkswagen division before the IPO |

Volkswagen division before the IPO |

Volkswagen is looking for an investor for its battery division, insiders say. Public subscription is also possible.

Wolfsburg. In search of an investor for battery activities Volkswagen It seems to be moving. A person familiar with the news agency’s events said the first ideas for a deal would be exchanged Reuters. Preparations are still at an early stage. The talks focused on how to structure the deal. The insider did not mention anyone interested.

According to information from corporate circles, Volkswagen is positioning its sensors to get an investor on board the PowerCo subsidiary, in which Volkswagen has bundled its battery business. The group did not comment on the Reuters information.

IPO battery coming?

Before the division’s possible partial IPO, the insider said, they want to attract more investors. This is a step-by-step approach in which Volkswagen wants to see how PowerCo will be evaluated.

Only then can the IPO of the battery be considered. CFO Arno Antlitz has already made a similar statement. But he added that this is a consideration for the future.

Through the successful IPO of the sports car subsidiary Porsche Volkswagen is not currently feeling pressure to raise additional funds to transform into an electric car maker. “There is some pressure there,” the insider said.

As reported, Volkswagen rewarded its shareholders handsomely after the Porsche IPO. The Wolfsburg-based group will distribute a special dividend of €9.55 billion to its shareholders in January. Much to the delight of the Porsche and Bech royal families. This was decided at the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting on December 16th. The call indicates €19.06 per share.

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VW’s Elektrify America charging station network can now serve as a model for the battery deal Siemens In the low three-digit amount of a million. Volkswagen wants to build six large battery cell plants in Europe alone by the end of the decade and is estimating up to 20 billion euros for this. (AG.)