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Auction of Karl Lagerfeld's personal collection

Auction of Karl Lagerfeld’s personal collection

From the art he lived in to the depths of his wardrobe – 1,200 items from the private collection of fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld have been auctioned off in Monaco, Paris and Cologne as well as online.

Karl Lagerfeld was not only a successful fashion designer, but also a collector of eclectic eyes. After his fondness for brightly colored Memphis designs in the 1980s, he devoted himself for a long time to the evolution of French craftsmanship in his classic Baroque language. A passion for Art Deco is also evident when looking at his residences in Biarritz and Monaco. In the past two decades, contemporary and futuristic optics have gained increasingly greater appreciation. Personal Icon Treasures – an image of the interchange between the classic and pioneering styles he experienced – is also in fashion.

In addition to artwork and luxury fashion items—including the designer’s fingerless gloves, which have been owned by more than 200 pairs—his dishes for his cat Choupette will be auctioned off. You can also bid on your own graphics. Online auctions were possible from November 26 through December 6. The second online round begins right after that on December 6 and runs for eleven days from then on. Meanwhile, Paris, Monaco and Cologne are also bidding. Current online offers are €6000 for ten pairs of his famous gloves, €2,200 for a Saint Laurent velvet tuxedo or €500 for a miniature of Lagerfeld by artist Becky Kemp for Lucy Cass. The highest bid, €50,000, is currently for a set of his sketchbooks.