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On "Total TV" - this mask was completely wrong - domestic politics

On “Total TV” – this mask was completely wrong – domestic politics

This muzzle from “TV Total” was probably far from reality…

Sebastian Povpaf (45) has just taken over the place of artist Stefan Raab (55) on TV Total – the ProSieben presenter is already in the hilarious storm at all on social media.

Franziska Brandmann (27 years old) is a young politician from the Free Democratic Party.

The federal chair of the Young Liberals party posted an angry tweet against the comedian after the broadcast on Wednesday, accusing Povpaf of “sexism” and “humiliation” of female Bundestag members: her fellow party members Nicole Bauer (34) and Rhea Schroeder (29).

O-Ton Brandmann: “Yesterday, TV Total searched for the blunt and insulting FDP bee. It leaves me dumbfounded. I hope the editors will be ashamed of themselves.”

Background: On last week’s broadcast, moderator Pufpaff Gregor Gysi (73, left) was a guest and asked the veteran politician who was “the sharpest bee in the new Bundestag”. Answer from Gysi: “This one is from the FDP.”

He did not want to give a name: “I won’t say” and pointed to the medium: “Find it for yourself!”

TV Total continued the story. According to Pufpaff, the FDP Parliament Home Page server ( has crashed as a result of the Gysi sentence. At the same time, the search term “FDP sharp bee” went through the roof for a while on Google. Apparently the broker found it funny, then introduced the nominees on Wednesday.

Brandman, who was elected head of the Young Liberals in November, was infuriated. “I am calling on ProSieben and ‘TV Total’ to offer a sincere and reasonable apology in the next broadcast and will look at where to file complaints,” she wrote on Twitter.

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Because: “What kind of image does a program like this leave on women who are considering getting involved in politics?”

In Brandman’s view, nothing changed that Povpaf, with a wink at the end of the article, voted FDP chairman Christian Lindner (42) “the sharpest bee in the FDP.”

Perhaps it was a calculated agitation for the ProSieben announcers as shown by the fact that the medium whistled suggestively at the image of politicians, at the same time honestly asserting: “What we are doing here is not sexist. This is a service.”

About Brandman’s party associate Nicole Bauer (34, since 2017 in the Bundestag), Povpaf joked that it was a “mature rhetorical talent” to instantly play a slip-of-the-tongue excerpt from the young politician to the audience.

Curator Rhea Schroeder (29) has put forward another candidate for “The Sharpest Bee” – with a video that appears to have been intended only to underscore the outward merits of Hamburg’s FDP members in the Bundestag.

FDP Member of the Bundestag Rhea SchroederPhoto: George Wendt / d

On Twitter, reactions to Brandman’s angry tweet were divided. Comments ranged from “There is no place for sexism on parody” or “Disgusting that women still go overboard with their looks” to “In the past you could laugh without worrying so many times. I wonder if you can still make fun of these days.” “.

In the evening, Brandman added again again, relying on critics of their sweeping page: “Above all, the men among them are doing their best to prove admirably that we still have to talk about sexism in 2021.”

And what does the broker himself say? Sebastian Povpaf’s management stifled inquiries: “No comment.” The politicians discussed in the article have also not commented yet.