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Austria plans to control the border with Italy –

Austria plans to control the border with Italy –

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer announced that he would restrict free entry from Italy. This could be seen as a new blow to the Schengen area in the European Union.

Austria is currently already conducting border controls on its border with Slovenia. The measure, which has been in place since 2015, has angered Brussels – but will now be expanded.

the Kron newspaper Nehammer wondered whether Austria would impose border controls with Italy given the influx on Lampedusa, an island in the Mediterranean known as the arrival point for migrants into Europe.

“Yes. Nehammer explained that the Interior Minister had already taken appropriate precautions for niqab searches on the Austrian-Italian border.

Nehammer said he had contacted his Italian counterpart about this matter.

The new measures taken by Vienna exacerbate the country’s dismissive behavior and hinder one of the European Union’s most important achievements, the seemingly borderless Schengen Area. Nehammer has already been criticized for objecting to entry into Romania and Bulgaria earlier this year.

He wants to stick to this policy in the future, even though it is not very popular in Bucharest, Sofia and Berlin. The Schengen Area can only be expanded if the protection of external borders is successful. “This is not the case currently,” he said. Small newspaper.

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