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Austrian Film Award 2021: 14 prizes for six films co-financed by ORF

Ostro-Oscar for u “The problem of childbirth”, “Hochwald” und “Quo vadis, Aida?”

Vienna And the Austrian Oscar goes to…! ORF can look forward to 14 prizes for six co-funded feature films and documentaries under the Film/TV Agreement at the 11th Austrian Film Prize, presented today, Thursday, July 8, 2021, at the Vienna Globe in Marx. Halley. “The Trouble With Being Born” was honored as the “Best Feature Film”. With four awards total, Sandra Wollner’s already multiple award-winning drama is the evening’s biggest winner. Sabine Derfliner’s box-office success “Die Dohnall – Women’s Minister/Feminist/Insight” emerged from the winners as “Best Documentary” and was also honored with an Oscar Ostrow in the “Best Editing” category. The Austrian Film Award 2021 also honored Evi Romen’s critically acclaimed film “Hochwald” and Jasmila Žbanić’s international hit “Quo vadis, Aida?” (Three categories each) and the novel Arash T. Category). Erwin Wagenhofer’s documentary “But Beautiful” was chosen as “Most Popular Cinema”.

Austrian Film Award 2021 – an overview of the winners of the ORF

Best Feature Film: The Trouble With Being Born (Producers: Lixi Frank, David Bohun, Andi G. Hess, Astrid Schäfer, Viktoria Stolpe, Timm Kröger; Director: Sandra Wollner) Best Documentary: Die Dohnal – Women’s Minister/Feminist/Insight (Producers: Claudia Fulgnant and Sabine Dervlinger, Directed by: Sabine Dervlinger)
Best Champion: Kristen Ostermayer (we’ll be staying a little longer)
Best Captain: Thomas Breen (Hochwald)
Best Female Supporting Role: Edita Malovich (Ko Vadis, Aida?) Best Director: Sandra Woolner (The Trouble With Being Born)
Reste Kamera: Kristen A. Mayer (Where are you going, Aida?)
Best Editing: Nikki Mosbuck (De Donal – Minister of Women’s Affairs / Feminism / Insight)
Best Costume Design: Cinzia Cioffi (Hochwald)
Beste Maske: Gaby Grünwald (Birth Problem)
Best Production Design: Hannes Salat (Quo vadis, Aida?)
Best Music: Florian Horwath (Hochwald)
Best Sound Design: Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer/original sound, Peter Kutin/sound design, Simon Peter/mix (The Trouble With Being Born)
Biggest movie audience: But Beautiful (Producer:
Sabine Kirschbaum, Erwin Wagenhofer and Peter Rommel; Director: Erwin Wagenhofer; Arrangement: Michael Stejskal)

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ORF Mag Program Director. Katherine Zechner: “A trusted and consistent partner who fosters talent alongside all creatives”

“Filmmakers from a variety of professions – from direction to script and production – give Austrian film an unmistakable Austrian touch with their focused power of creativity, emotion and sensitivity. With the Austrian Film Award award, we offer a platform for all those who tirelessly bring the audience’s experiences and emotions at their best. With their commitment and their artistry.I also bow to the actors who bring stories to life on film and on television.The spectrum ranges from the award-winning feature film The Trouble With Being Born, for which Sandra Woolner also received the Best Director Award, to the wonderful actresses Kristen Ostermayer and Edita Malovcic, and sensitive actors Thomas Breen and Omid Mimar for the best.Die Dohnal documentary “The Most Popular but Beautiful Film.” Congratulations to all award winners and nominees. We continue to promise to be a reliable and stable partner promoting talent alongside all creators in this country. Thank you, Chapo, bravo!”

(Game) Movie program on ORF 1 and ORF 2

Following Jessica Hausner’s sci-fi thriller highlighting “Little Joe” (June 27, ORF 2), Sudabeh Mortezai’s success “Joy” (July 4, ORF 2), Karl Markovics feature film “Nobadi” (July 5, ORF 2) ) and Peter Brunner’s drama “To the Night” (July 6, ORF 1), ORF promised to present Austria’s best entertainment TV show starting Friday, July 9: “Kaviar” (July 9, 8.15 p.m., ORF 1) presented among others Sabrina Reiter, George Friedrich and Simon Schwartz in Elena Tikhonova’s cultural clash comedy of the same name about a megalomaniac Russian oligarch. “Kaviar” has been nominated multiple times for the Austrian Film Award 2020 and honored with the Max Ophüls Award in 2019. Philipp Hochmer, Larissa Fox, and Julia Roy were more or less “lucky” (July 9, 10:25 p.m., ORF 1) when the triangle story turns Comedy to black humor thriller. Dial, Send Money, Surf, Homesick, Love, Anxiety and Hope: Screenwriter and Director Nina Kusturica dedicates herself to the Vienna Telecom Store in “Ciao Chérie” on Sunday, July 11 at 11.55pm on ORF 2. In front of the camera was Nahoko Fort Nishigami Sikafi Agbogby, Simoneda Selimowicz and Aio Aloba for this internationally recognized feature film, which was shot in Vienna and was nominated for the 2019 Austrian Film Award. Davor befasst sich der „dokFilm” (22.15 Uhr, ORF 2) mit dem „Cinema Austria – Die ersten 112 Jahre”: Darin spannt der im Vorjahr verstorbene austro-britische Regisseur Frederick Baker einen thematischen Bogen von frühen Klassikern bis zum „New Austrian Cinema” und schürft an Originalschauplätzen nach film diehistorischen Fürschen Hinterketwern Gästebärung erfolgreiche österreichische Filmschaffende wie Michael Haneke, Stefan Ruzowitzky, Christoph Waltz, Michael Glawogger, Ulrich Seidl, Klaus Maria Brandauer und Jessica Hausner zu Wort comes.

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Another movie co-financed by ORF (film/TV agreement) is on the program with Dacapo from “Ich seh Ich seh” (July 9, 0:00 AM).

TV coverage on ORF 1 and ORF 2: including “KulturMontag”, special broadcast “Home Cinema – News from Austrian Film”

As part of ORF’s comprehensive report on the Austrian Film Award 2021, ORF 1 will broadcast the special program “Home Cinema – News from Austria Film” organized by ORF-TV-Kultur on Friday, July 9, at 9:55 pm, the day after the awards ceremony. , which takes a look at this year’s gala and reports on the winners. “KulturMontag” has already been earmarked for a somewhat different version of the film award on July 5th at 10:30 p.m. on ORF 2 and submitted this year’s nominations. Regional studio ORF in Vienna reports Detailed, plus other current software.

ORF III Austrian Film Award 2021

ORF III will again be the media partner of the Austrian Film Academy in 2021 and will design a large-scale television focus on the occasion of this year’s Austrian Film Award. On Awards Ceremony Day, Thursday, July 8, “Kultur heute” will open ORF III under the local filmmaking label at 7.45pm with a look at the evening’s nominees. Here are two Austrian productions on the main evening:
The opening is by Wolfgang Hass for Wolfgang Murnberger’s adaptation of “Das ewige Leben” (8:15 p.m.) with Joseph Hader as sympathetic and angry detective Simon Brenner. In 2016, crime comedy was nominated in several categories at the Austrian Film Award, including “Best Feature Film” followed by another comedy film produced in Austria, “Bad Fucking” by Harald-Safeitz (10: 15 p.m.) based on the bestselling novel by Kurt Palm. In 2015 the film was nominated for the Austrian Film Award in the category “Best Sound Design”. On Friday, July 9, the extended “Culture Today Special” (7.30pm) will preview the Awards Gala at Globe Vienna, presenting highlights of the gala evening and asking winners for an interview.

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Radio, online and teletext coverage on ORF for the Austrian Film Award

As usual, ORF radios are also dedicated to presenting the Austrian Film Prize. and ORF TELETEXT (in the magazine “Kultur und Show” p. 190) will present a detailed report on the Austrian Film Award as part of their current cultural reporting. At ORF-TVthek, all Austrian Film Award-related television programs, for which the corresponding licensing rights are available, will be available as live broadcast and as video-on-demand for seven days after the television broadcast.

Austrian Film Award for Filmet

As a streaming partner of the Austrian Film Academy, Flemette will be there this year and will be showing the concert as video-on-demand from Friday 9 July. There is also a selection of award-winning Austrian films in a specially curated collection for the Austrian Film Award.

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