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Austria's holiday image: the paper dancer

Austria's holiday image: the paper dancer

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Paper Dancer – portrait by Ton Fink

Everything could be completely different. A previously unheard of world emerges in Tone Fink's choppy, smeared, torn and patchwork images. “Art is useless, that's why we need it,” he asserts, dancing on the tablet lenses, drumming on papier-mâché, and petting animals for the ship. The tune rolls towards his audience – on a paper throne, with a paper crown on his head. “Art is a kind of riot,” he quotes Picasso and invites people to a grand display with dozens of animal masks. “Ton Fink is an international artist in the field of paper,” wrote curator Antonia Horschelman on the occasion of his major exhibition at the Albertina.

His original medium is drawing, his passion is performance, his passion is caricatures, and his artistic prowess is experimentation on a solid foundation of craftsmanship. Ton Fink has proven that all this may not be universal, but at least it can be understood globally, with exhibitions in China, India, Japan and elsewhere. On the occasion of Tone Fink's 80th birthday, ORF Vorarlberg presents the TV documentary about the famous Vorarlberg painter, illustrator, object artist and director.

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