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Princess Kate is “deeply saddened” by William's decision regarding her son George's future

Princess Kate is “deeply saddened” by William's decision regarding her son George's future

There has been speculation for a long time about whether Prince William And a wife Princess Kate Her eldest son George After finishing primary school Eaton – namely the legendary elite training school in Windsor, where William himself went to school. In June, speculation mounted when the three royals were spotted together on school grounds. It is said that Kate was initially not happy about George's potential move in his father's footsteps.

A palace insider told the magazine Weekly Intouch: “Kate has long disagreed with her husband's plans to send him away, even though that is tradition. Kate feels that sending him to such a stifling, upper-class institution would go against all her efforts to modernize the monarchy. She will also miss George very much.” She and William argued about this for years, but he finally got what he wanted.”

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The supposed insider claims that Kate “finally gave in” after admitting that George wanted to “be just like his father.” And she's still not happy about it. “She's still very sad. She was bullied so badly at her first boarding school and she can't bear the thought that George has to go through that too.”

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Girls at Eton soon too?

Currently, only boys are allowed to attend Eton School. high daily Mail The school is considering allowing girls access in the future. Dean Eaton Lord William Waldegrave He had the newspaper He announced that the school would be opened for girls in due course. He will remain in office only until mid-2024. It remains to be seen whether there will be a change regarding the admission policy.

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The Palace has not yet commented on whether George will go to Eton. “It certainly wouldn't be a surprise,” says a property expert from Bangor University. Craig Prescott. “Since the royals started attending boarding schools, there has been a pattern of parents sending their children to places they have gone themselves.” So he visited about King Charles III Like his father Philip Scottish Boarding School Gordonstoun.

What makes Eaton so special?

Advantage schools like Eaton Prescott explains that they have experience with royals and students from similar backgrounds. “I expect George to be treated like any other boy out there.”

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“I'm not sure sending George to a boys' school is a sensible idea; […] Which is closely linked to privilege, money, and shady politicians. “Imagine the headlines,” she comments. telegraph-author Sophia Mooney Coates. Kate should do it too pass According to reports, they considered sending George to their old school – Marlboro – instead college– To send.