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Zietlow and Köppen: Dirk Bach is in the forest camp

Zietlow and Köppen: Dirk Bach is in the forest camp

Here we go again: On January 19, twelve stars will head to the Australian jungle and battle it out once again for the title of King or Queen of the Jungle. RTL shows the German Television Award-winning program “I'm a Star – Get Me Out of Here” (IBES) four times live in prime time at 8:15 p.m. On all other days, the supervisors welcome you Sonia Zitlow And Jan Cobain Audience as usual at 10:15 p.m. also doctor. Bob He is there again every day and prepares the “stars” for the jungle tests.

Coben kicked 2023 Khalifa L Daniel Hartwich who said goodbye to the show in February 2022. Hartwich, in turn, had two comedic actors in 2013 Dirk Bach He inherited it after he died unexpectedly in 2012. He was only 51 years old.

Dirk Bach and Sonja Zietlow

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Zitlow: I learned a lot from Dirk

Before the show began, Sonja Zitlow revealed in an interview with RTL that she had learned an “incredible amount” from her late colleague. “It was new to me at the time that I had to memorize texts in order to then moderate them. Dirk was a great master of passing. Dirk was simply a great, helpful guy who threw balls for you. I learned that from him. With him I always had the feeling that I could still be myself. It's the same with Jan. “He doesn't promote himself, but he's a great team player.”

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Bach remains of great importance to Köppen as well. “After all these years, Dirk Bach still has a positive influence on this forest. But Daniel Hartwich also left big shoes to fill. But I have to free myself from that a little bit. I'm just a different guy,” he reveals. .

Zietlow says it's difficult to answer the question of whether she and Bach were friends. “It's very close there. I would say that's the way it is with us now, Jan. We've always been close there, but that doesn't mean we always meet in Germany.”

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