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AWARD – Anna Bernertner receives the Gotz Friedrich Prize 2021

AWARD – Anna Bernertner receives the Gotz Friedrich Prize 2021

This year, theater maker Anna Bernretner of Lower Austria was awarded this year’s psychedelic 2021 Gotze-Friedrichshain Prize in the amount of €7,500 for young opera directors and directors. The 35-year-old is being honored for producing “Proserpina” by Wolfgang Rihm in Neue Oper Wien, which premiered last October.

Through her work Bernreitner, who was born in Amstetten, brings the audience an uneasy piece of contemporary opera through an original and surprising theatrical stance and masterful leadership, as stated in Justification. The prize was donated by the longtime artistic director of Deutsche Ober Berlin, Gotze Friedrich (1930-2000) to help young talents start their careers. The award ceremony is scheduled to take place on February 21.


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The special prize for the Zurich Opera House of 2,500 euros goes to 24-year-old Maximilian Berlin, who made Giancarlo Menotti’s “The Medium” an “exciting theatrical event” in the studio at the Gärtnerplatz Theater in Munich.

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