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Azincourt Energy provides an update on the upcoming drilling program at the East Preston Uranium Project in Saskatchewan

Vancouver, British Columbia, 17. November 2021 – AZINCOURT ENERGY CORP. (Azincore NSfroms The “comp”) (TSX.Fifth: AAZ, OTCQB: AZURF) It is pleased to announce an update on the preparations for winter-The 2022 exploration program at the East Preston Uranium Project in the West Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan, NSGoing, admits.

The main target region for the 2022 program remains the corridors connecting from region A to region G (AG direction) or from region K to region Q (KQ direction) (Figs 1 and 2). These trends were selected on the basis of the combined results of concession-level electromagnetic, gravimetric, and VTEM magnetic investigations in the years 2018 to 2020 as well as drilling programs completed from 2019 to 2021; The HLEM 2020 measurement indicates many promising staircases as well as complex structures along these corridors.

drilling programs 2019-2021 A.m AG direction confirmednGeophysical conductors consist of structurally disrupted regions containing accumulations of graphite, sulfides, and carbonates. Abnormal radioactivity was detected in these structurally disrupted conductive regions. The 2022 drilling program will target similar structurally impaired areas, prioritizing according to the presence and strength of appropriate electromagnets.TogoIn the past, magnetic and gravitational geophysical anomalies.

diamond drilling software Winter 2022

TerraLogic exploration company. word(e) Instructed to prepare and implement a planned diamond drilling program of at least 6000 meters in 30-35 wells. Drilling will focus on the AG and KQ directions and will begin in the G-Zone where the drilling program ended in 2021. The program will continue with the G-Zone South examination and then transition to the KQ directional examination. The program can be changed if the results require it.

Preparations are advanced, and excavation works, camp services and road works have been contracted Certainly. The opening of a 60 km road to reach the property and the camp will be completed by the end of November. Start Construction work in camp Thwrite Expected late December to early January. digging works executable from the program with help from The two diamond drilling rigs are scheduled to start in early January.

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“We are excited to return to the property and continue digging as our aborted 2021 program ended,” he said. cum exploration, Trevor Perkins. This will be the largest program to date in the East Preston Project. AG and KQ trends have now reached a certain point “Drilling work is best suited to test our ideas, focus on the areas that interact most, and validate what these trends offer,” continued Mr. Perkins.

Permits and working with the community

Approvals have been obtained for all works planned for Winter 2022. Azincore Hold regular meetings with Clearwater River Denny Nation and other rights holders to ensure that the interests of local communities are taken into account. Azincore He looks forward to an ongoing close working relationship with CRDN and other rights holders to ensure that potential impacts and concerns are addressed and that communities benefit from activities in the area.

Figure 1: Target Corridors of the East Preston Uranium Project to the West of the Athabasca Basin in Saskatchewan

Figure 2: Objectives of the 2022 exercises at the East Preston Uranium Project

Figure 3: Location of the project area in the western Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan, Canada

About East Preston

Azincore Controls a majority stake (72%) in the 25,000-acre East Preston project under a joint venture agreement Sky Harbor Resources (TSX.V: SYH) and Dixie Gold. Three promising conductive lanes with magnetic bottoms have been discovered in the property. These three distinct trails have a total length of over 25 kilometers, with many each in a– Sections of the ladder have been identified. Soil exploration and testing completed to date have identified outcrops, soils, biochemistry, and radon that are important archaeological elements in the discovery of conflicting uranium deposits.

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The East Preston project has many long linear conductors with curvilinear orientations and staggered fractures near interpreted fault lines—classic targets of discordant uranium deposits in the basement. These are not just simple basement stairs, but due to the structural complexity, they are targets with greatly improved/improved hope.

The targets are the controversial uranium deposits in the bunker, those in the Arrow deposits with nixgen And the Eagle Point mine from kameko are similar. East Preston is located near the southern edge of the western Athabasca Basin, where the targets are in a near-surface environment with no accretionary Athabasca stone as a result. relatively They are targets that are close to the surface, but can extend very deep when detected. The project land is located along a parallel conductive section between the PLS-Arrow section and the deposit Centennial from kameko (Virgin River / Section Dufferin Lake).

Qualified expert

The technical information in this press release has been prepared in accordance with the Canadian regulatory requirements set forth in National Instrument 43-101 and published by C. P. Geo. , vice President, exploration Azincore Energy as a qualified expert as defined by National Instrument 43-101 tested and approved.

above Azincore energy company.

Azincore Energy is a Canada-based resource company that specializes in the strategic acquisition, exploration and development of alternative energy/fuel projects, including uranium, lithium and other critical components for clean energy applications. The company is currently working on a majority-controlled uranium joint venture in East Preston in the Athabasca Basin in Saskatchewan, Canada, And on the uranium and lithium project in stairs group in PicutaniActive high plateau in southeastern Peru.

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For the board from AZINCOURT ENERGY CORP.

„Alex Kleinman”

Alex Kleinman, President and CEO

The TSX Venture Exchange and its Regulatory Bodies (referred to as the Regulatory Services Provider in the TSX Venture Exchange Platform) accept no responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

This press release contains “forward-looking statements,” which include expectations, estimates, expectations and objectives for future operations. These are subject to a number of assumptions, risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond our control Azincore recumbent. Investors are cautioned that such statements do not guarantee future performance and that actual results or developments may differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements. This forward-looking information is based on an assessment of current statements, which the Company has made to the best of its knowledge and belief. No guarantee can be given to forward-looking statements and future results may differ materially.

For more information, please contact:

Alex Kleinman, President and CEO

Tel: 604-638-8063

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