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Back – How a Mac Never Forgets Again

Mac App Rewind wants to record all content created on Apple computers and make it searchable.

The app comes with two interesting technologies, the combination of which can become an exciting tool. The program records the contents of the screen as it is being used and saves it in a highly compressed form locally on your Mac’s SSD. Rewind AI, the company behind Rewind, relies on text and speech recognition. The resulting material is pressed and stored up to 3750 times. The whole process works without having to exchange data with a server etc. In the second step, users can search these recordings.

Screenshot-2022-11-06-at-21.49.02 Back - How Mac Never Forgets Technology

This is what a search UI should look like

Rewind’s AI publishes all relevant content with history and preview. This process is also done entirely on the device. Video meetings must also be recorded as copied documents. Rewind indicates the privacy of the participants in the conversation. At first, this technique should only work with zoom. Little is known about the service monetization model. One developer revealed on Twitter that they plan to sign up. Interested parties can be put on hold on the site and will be notified as soon as any news comes out.


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