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Steam is now available for Chrome OS as a beta

More than 100 games supported

Chromebooks for gaming as of October 2022 (Image: Google)

The Steam client has reached beta status in ChromeOS. Steam can now be installed on supported Chromebooks. More than 100 titles are already playable.

In April, the ChromeOS team, along with Valve, announced the release of alpha version From Steam for Chromebook. It was only accessible via the Dev channel, only about 50 titles were supported and a Chromebook with an 11th generation Intel Core processor (tiger lake) was one of the requirements. Availability, performance, and game support are now much better than before. Google recently launched a beta version of Steam via ChromeOS beta channel to (108.0.5359.24 or higher).

Additionally, Steam now works on ChromeOS on Ryzen 5000-equipped devices from Ryzen 3 and later. Intel Alder Lake (12th generation) Core i3. This mainly affects those shown in October (Cloud) Chromebooks for gaming From Acer, Asus and Lenovo, but also some HP and . models laptop frame on the support list. For the perfect gaming experience recommend ChromeOS First Team Ryzen 5 or Core i5 along with 16 GB memory.

Proton for untested addresses, known beta problems

Recommended games list 100 entries since beta And through the Proton (Steam Play) compatibility tool also available for Steamdeck Other titles can also be played on Chromebooks.

As is well known, not everything is optimal in the beta stage, which is why there are still some flaws in the Windows version of the gaming client. Among other things, Easy Anti-Cheat and BattlEye are currently not working, performance on some titles is poor in the first few minutes, some games do not run with less than 16GB of RAM, and external monitors are not supported. Currently standing No stable release date And on the majority of older Chromebooks, Steam will likely never appear due to hardware requirements.

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