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Baku is convinced: He had to leave Bromi BB because of Danny

Baku is convinced: He had to leave Bromi BB because of Danny

Baku Steinbecks (46) travel in Brumi’s older brother is over. Last Tuesday, viewers had to say goodbye to the super distributor. Next to him has also become a kickboxer Mary Lang (34) They are put on a nomination list by their competitors. I finally got Baku Fewer votes. During his time, the art dealer clashed with one resident or the other. With Proflash Now try to justify his expulsion from the television universe.

Baku to explain ProflashWhy does he think it was voted on. Marie She would be very cute and elegant, but not only her fans would have helped her. forecast: “However, I think, without wanting to belittle their performance, that many of his fans Daniela Buchner (43) They called them because they just didn’t want me to stay any longer.” It was not tactically wise to go against him ruin To rant, because it has a huge fan base. He said, “If I were an actor or had a tactic, I would have treated it differently, but I was honest.” Baku.

Before he came out, he was still allowed to be a TV star an appointment with the formerBrumi’s older brother“-winner Janine Pink (34) Enjoy. She surprised the antique dealer in last Sunday’s broadcast. Apparently, the two met once before the show.

Brumi’s older brotherFrom Friday August 6, 2021, daily live at 8:15 p.m. and “Promi Big Brother – The Late Night Show” live thereafter on Saturday 1 and on Joyn

Paco Steinbeck, a participant in the show “Celebrity Big Brother”
Danny Lidtke, Melanie Muller and Paco Steinbeck, the gorgeous bald trio
Paco Steinbeck, dealer