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John Cleese turns TV show into culture abolition

John Cleese turns TV show into culture abolition

Monty Python star lets people talk on Channel 4 who have been “cancelled” – and activists who use Untouchable.

The old hero of black humor, John Cleese, is working on a documentary series about the so-called culture of abolition. For British broadcaster Channel 4, former comedian group member Monty Python wants to get to the heart of the question “why a new ‘awake’ generation wants to redefine the rules of what can and can’t be said”.

The program, titled “I Get It”, aims to give a voice to people who have been “cancelled” for doing things they said or did, as well as activists who have denounced public figures for what they said. Cleese, 81, said there’s a lot he doesn’t really understand about it. For example, the “flawless idea” of wanting to be nice to everyone has been deemed absurd in some cases.

The man with a neatly trimmed mustache and parted hair has repeatedly attracted attention with controversial views in recent years. Among other things, he was a strong supporter of his country’s exit from the European Union.


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