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Doctors - Dark |  Review in Stormbringer

Doctors – Dark | Review in Stormbringer

In fact, we could have guessed it. Since DIE ÄRZTE will never lose in a quick pun, the title of the last album will be “HellIt could represent the blasphemous vault of the earth. Indeed, although the album cover cries for an exorcism, the name Turner’s baptism seems to relate more to the state of good lighting or the philosophical description of the good. In our universe, every luminous entity has a dark side. [Anm. d. Verf.: dies soll keine Anspielung auf “Star Wars” sein, da dieses Universum nach Disneys Order 66 und dem gegenüber seiner literarischen Alternative oskarreif vermurksten “Episode 7 – Das Erschlaffen der Macht” für den Verfasser höchstoffiziell zur selben übergegangen ist…]The 2020 comeback sensation is followed by a no less extravagant sequel, which of course bears the name “Dunkel”.


It is clear that the Berliners’ long studio break resulted in a greater accumulation of creativity than one might initially expect. And what do doctors do with all this creative power?! Naturally Karnickelfickmusik! No wonder the semi-introduced name “KFM” was shortened to the future … thirty-seven years ago after “Claudia has a sheepdog” the close friendship with the boys and girls of the BzKJ (Federal Center for Media Protection for Children and Youth, formerly BPjM must be revived) The Federal Inspectorate of Media Harmful to Youth. Whatever the case, the legendary introduction with its long-eared, not-quite-swaying tone makes you smile for the first time. But if you’ve been looking forward to a good hour of racy punk rock, you were looking forward to early, because the number is by no means the godfather of the rest of the performance, which in the overall picture is a bit quieter and more lyrically negative (not to say “darker”). ) from its famous predecessor.

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Are you still burning or are you already exploding?

By itself, that’s not a bad thing, because DIE ÄRZTE can score points in almost every music league. And as far as their top specialties are concerned, the medical degree doctors I trust still have one or the other up their sleeves in the second half of their current cycle. Whether it’s the hilarious wake-up call “KFM” or Bela’s original sad song “Dunkel” or the pacifist poem to the word’s “power” and thoughtful choice – even her “Dunkel” highlights vividly. In addition to the songs mentioned, these also include the two political songs “Doof” (a simple, subtle advert for the fire speakers from the brown saloon) and a recent praise for democracy (why is this part actually called “Our Bass Player Hates”?!) that went off on time Exactly right to invite her to participate in the elections [Anm. d. Verf.: “Dunkel” erschien zwei Tage vor der deutschen Bundestagswahl 2021]. No less noteworthy is the hot-blooded punk rock “Anti”, rocking your slender feet, so that you can be anything and in the middle, in the old ÄRZTE tradition, fool yourselves (“Are you still burning or are you already exploding?”). Lest we forget “Anastasia” top holiday meaning nonsense (“I guess it’s not that wild, but my colleagues call me a pole”) And at the same time a subconscious call to be careful with contemporary dating apps (“My profile picture is Justin Bieber because I prefer younger girls”).

Good, but not flowery like “hell”

An obvious case: “Dunkel” also turned out to be a clever album, albeit not with the same intensity and quality of songs as “Hell” … which is also due to the fact that in the second half of the semi-double album there she is more and more modest to the numbers she can do without Like “Scream” (looks like Rudd’s last good songs were on”the noise‘), ‘silence’, ‘influence’, and ‘sublime’. pantsThe performances of the song “Die Schöne und Das Best” and “Afterwards” are essentially musical remakes of “Once a Beer” with a strange taste. In this respect, “dark” can’t quite catch up with “light”, but how do you twist it and turn it: in its respectable range, there’s enough material for a top-tier RZTE disc and in the duet with “light” a strong double point has formed that once again shows who’s wearing Doctor’s coat in Berlin.

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