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Judo – Galaxy Tigers Berchtoldsdorf Austrian champion for the tenth time

Judo – Galaxy Tigers Berchtoldsdorf Austrian champion for the tenth time

The M&R Galaxy Judo Tigers from Vienna remain the barometer of all things in the men’s Bundesliga. Perchtoldsdorf won narrowly but deservedly with a score of 8:6 in a repeat of last year’s Final Four against UJZ Mühlviertel and thus successfully defended their title. It is the Galaxy’s 10th championship title.

Legionnaires Tornik Tskaduya (Netherlands/-60kg), Karamat Huseynov (Azerbaijan/-66kg) and young hopes Bernd Fasching (-81kg) and Movli Borsashvili (+100kg) each won in two bouts. Heavyweight Mofli Borsashvili scored the decisive eighth point against Reiner Binder (Ippon with deep Siwe Nagy). Double Olympic champion Lukas Krbalek was not used for tactical reasons, and only two Legionnaires are allowed to be used per round.

“I am proud of this team”

“I’m proud of this team and their tenth title in just twelve years. Someone has to emulate us first. The guys are great, from Lukas (Krbalek) to Bernd Fasching and Movli Borsashvili. We deserved to win. But it was just children’s play. We had to fight With great power,” exclaims club president and coach Thomas Haasmann.

Olympic champion without a quota

The star is also quite satisfied: “It’s a beautiful day for the Galaxy. It was close, but we won again,” says Tigers player Lukas Krbalek (Czech Republic), who has won two gold medals at the Olympic Games and is a two-time world champion. “The team is great, I would love to be a part of it. Of course, I would have liked to fight more. But it is clear that Thomas brought the light legionnaires. “It was more tactically smart.”

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Self-critical shooting star

Bernd Fasching, who has been unblemished in a total of 12 Bundesliga matches this year, criticizes himself: “The last fight was bad. I could have lost too. In terms of feeling, it was at least close to last year.” But then he’s also smiling: “Of course I’m happy that I was able to contribute a lot to this title – to the 10th anniversary title.”