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Balcosy: No balcony but an outside seating area

Balcosy: No balcony but an outside seating area

Florian Holzmayer lives in Vienna in an apartment without a balcony. It’s not the only one, 44% of the city’s residents felt the same way. At the first barrier, the engineering student got tired and strapped a plank and screen to his window. That was the beginning of the Cozy.

Holzmayer: “Balcosy is a wooden construction that is placed under the window. When the window is closed, it is in the shape of an inverted U and can be used as a table or shelf. When you open the window, you can fold the structure and the “U” is a reversible bench. In addition, it can be folded Part of the seat, which serves as a safety. The assembly is easy and if you want, you can easily remove the balcony window in winter.

The Austrian startup has no direct competitors. There is a Dutch Bloom frame, but this construction is closely related to the window. In addition, assembly is more expensive and more complicated. Holzmeyer has great ambitions. “In about five years, every resident of Central Europe should be able to purchase our balcony. We believe that every person should be able to experience sun, light and space in their own living space.”

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