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Diablo 4: One Tap makes you stronger and gives you more XP

Diablo 4: One Tap makes you stronger and gives you more XP

Diablo 4 introduces some innovations compared to its predecessors. One of them is Elixir, which you can use to get limited-time bonuses. But it is these elixirs that are often forgotten, especially by veterans.

What do I click? You have a special tab for “consumables” in your inventory. This is where elixirs and later keystones are collected for the Nightmare Dungeons.

You can find elixirs in all kinds of chests, get them as rewards for quests, or you can craft them from the alchemist. Elixir has different effects and strengths, but always brings +5% experience points. It lasts for 30 minutes.

Because of the effect, we always recommend using the elixirs in our guide to level up quickly. But it’s also worth using with Paragon and for accessing endgame content more easily. You just have to remember that you have these things, and it happens quickly.

But with a quick flick of your wrist, you can at least greatly reduce the likelihood of being discarded by placing elixirs on the emotion wheel.

You can find all the instructions and tips for Diablo 4 in our summary. In the video we tell you another simple trick:

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Place the elixir on the emoticon wheel for quick access

This makes it easier for you to think about the elements: Using the “E” (PC) or (Xbox, PlayStation) key, you can summon your emotion wheels. You have a total of 3 available, which you can freely assign functions to.

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You can then assign one of your elixirs to any slot via the Consumables tab via Customize. If you want faster access, you can even assign a shortcut key to each slot in the emoticon wheel via setting the key in options.

This gives you quick access to one or more elixirs at any time. All you have to do is remember that you have these symbols and don’t accidentally use an expression. It has already cost that player 150 hours of gameplay.

With one click on “Customize” or the corresponding button you can customize your bike.

What elixir should I use? It doesn’t really matter, because what you want most is the effect of the experience. However, you can also make it easier for yourself to flow the game using elixirs. The best thing to do is choose what you want to do:

There are also elixirs that increase your overall attack stats, such as your critical hit rating, or increase your maximum resources. These can be useful for some builds in the ultimate endgame to increase damage. You can find tips on this in our list of categories:

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