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Diablo 4 server crashed, queued, error 300202

Diablo 4 server crashed, queued, error 300202

Today, June 8, there are problems with the Diablo 4 servers. In the meantime, they are not accessible again and again. This results in long queues where players are currently stuck.

What happens in Diablo 4 today? A hotfix was released today that made changes to the dungeons, world bosses, and XP hoax. However, since the release, there have been frequent problems and short server crashes.

Some players report queues longer than 30 minutes (via reddit). The message “Connecting to Diablo IV Services” also appears, and sometimes the game hangs in this exact place.

What is the current situation? At 11:50pm the servers are still having issues with more and more players reporting that they are now able to log in. But many of them are still queued, and some still have error messages.

The problems affect both servers in Europe and America.

What is behind error 300202? “An error occurred while logging in (Code 300202)”. This is a message. You cannot enter the server as yourself.

So far, it has mainly appeared on PlayStation and Xbox. It is now also displayed on the PC, as is code 1016.

The solution to the problem is to update the graphics drivers, re-register or check your internet connection. However, today’s error message is likely due to a server crash. We’ll keep you updated here.

What does Blizzard say? Meanwhile, Blizzard itself has added a note to BattleNet. There it says:

We are currently investigating reports of Diablo IV login issues and are working to resolve them as soon as possible.

While you’re waiting for Diablo 4 to return, you can check out the new trailer for its biggest competitor. Path of Exile 2 showed off new gameplay at Summer Game Fest:

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