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Competition – with NÖN to Strottern and state artists in Klosterneuburg

Competition – with NÖN to Strottern and state artists in Klosterneuburg

The city's cultural program makes January dark and gloomy. While Nadia Elmaleh (January 13), Comédie Herten (January 15 and 16) and Stefano Bernardin (January 27) perform at the Felheringerhof, and the band Strutern and the “Wee Staatskunstler” play in the Papenberger Hall. NÖN and the Cultural Office withdrew tickets on the latter two.

Strotern – “Strotern and Bleach”: Wednesday 17 January, 8pm in the Babenbergerhalle

When “Die Strottern” and “Blech” “swell” in a quartet, their music comes closer to the two great opposite poles of their music: the diversity of big-city sounds and (Alpine) folk music. The trumpet and trombone play a major role in both worlds. Thus the arc is extended further, freedoms are radically explored, and local ports are approached more directly. Gentle things become gentler, wild things become wilder.

Clemens Lindell: violin, vocals, David Müller: guitar, organ, vocals, Martin Eberle: trumpet, flugelhorn, Martin Ptak: trombone, organ

Anyone who email by Monday, January 15, 10am [email protected] (Subject: Stutter, Don't Forget Your Name!) She may have already won.

We say to artists – “new old dog tricks”: Wednesday 24 January, 8pm in the Babenbergerhalle

life. She's so tired. You have a beautiful new hairstyle, and after a few weeks you go back to the hairdresser. You brush your teeth with fresh mint in the evening and wake up with an old taste. People have been discussing Austrian domestic politics cynically for more than ten years, and they realize that a new program is still necessary.

But of course life is beautiful too. Especially when Thomas Maurer, Robert Palfrider and Florian Scioppa take to the stage full of energy with a brand new programme. Snappy, funny, with a sharp edge, and of course, fresh mint. Not only do they let politics dictate the thermal baths, they also turn the tables: “We state artists” actively intervene in political competition in the Republic of Austria for the first time. How will they deal with this? Let yourself be surprised!

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Anyone who sends an email by Monday, January 22, 10am [email protected] (Subject: Country Artist, Don't Forget Your Name!) She may have already won.

“We State Artists” with “Old Dogs New Tricks” on January 24 at the Babenbergerhalle.

Image: We are the artists of the state