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Potato Beach “Signs of Love” – The Gap

Potato Beach “Signs of Love” – The Gap

There's a (relatively) new band in town! It's called Potato Beach and with Siluh Records, it has found a home that equates to a seal of quality for an indie group. We present to you their new song and video.

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The band was created as a solo project by Jannik Reis. His preference for music and sound aesthetics also influenced him in the 1960s Potato Beach. As for this “colourful mix of people with or without musical experience, all of whom actually have slightly different backgrounds and are active in different scenes” (Janick), the whole thing is then put together by Lillian Kaufman (Zen, Shapka), and Peter Mathis (Peter the Human Boy), Anja Pottinger (Atom Womb), and Sven Limbrecht.

When you dream of potatoes

An alternative version of the band's story is also told: In their previous lives, the five musicians were couch potatoes in the same field and dreamed of distant shores, says Janick. In their current lives, these potatoes would form a combined band.

With “Love Signs” the first single has now been released on Siluh Records, in Potato Beach – after a EP/tape version in Human music -I found a very suitable home. Musically, a good track fits perfectly into a playlist that includes bands like Foxygen or La Luz. The lyrics are about disappearance, and “the sometimes irrational desire to see a sign of life or life,” Yannick says. my dear“To get signals from the person you like, even if you've only seen each other recently.” You can also use this to make a New Year's resolution and resolve to send each other more love letters, says the Potato Beach Boy.

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Spin in circles

Director Nikolai Nordmann told us about the video that it is about illustrating the lyrics of the song: “So I find the feeling that I'm on… sign of love Waiting can be well demonstrated in this apartment. You're doing everyday things, and nothing special is happening – and yet there's a rather strange mood in the air. Your thoughts are running in circles, and every now and then you try to distract yourself or think of something else, maybe something new. But the longing is so strong you soon retreat again…”

Potato Beach “Signs of Love”

Single “Signs of Love” by Potato Beach he is in Siloh Records Back. “Dip In”, the band's debut album, will follow on March 15, 2024.

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