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Bambu Lab’s 3D modeling platform has been launched

Bambu Lab’s 3D modeling platform has been launched

The 3D printer manufacturer Bambu Lab is involved World maker Launching a new platform for 3D printing models. According to Bamboo, MakerWorld aims to foster collaboration between designers, users and makers.

Bambu Lab is making a similar move to other manufacturers. There are 3D printer manufacturers behind many 3D modeling platforms. UltiMaker is responsible for Thingiverse and Prusa Research for publications. AnkerMake recently introduced its own portal, “Make It Real,” and Creality powers Creality Cloud.

The new Bambu Lab platform is based on the concept of one-step printing. Models, print profiles and filament parameters are automatically combined. This cloud slicing software is used to generate the optimized G code for the printer in question. According to Bambu Lab, MakerWorld aims to reduce the technical hurdles to 3D printing. The entire process from form to final printing should be done with the push of a button.

At the same time, Bamboo Lab emphasizes that the rights of designers remain protected. For models under a Creative Commons license, proper attribution is mandatory. Experts, in turn, can share their knowledge by adding improved compression files to existing models. Thread manufacturers can also contribute specific settings for their products.

According to Bamboo, MakerWorld already supports dozens of printers from third-party manufacturers like Creality, Anycubic, and Prusa. In the future, users should be able to share their printer settings to increase compatibility. The points reward system aims to further stimulate actions on the platform. Points can be exchanged for exclusive patterns or threads.

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