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Banksy - a symbol that no one knows and everyone knows

Banksy – a symbol that no one knows and everyone knows

We’re opening a great gallery and closing it again two days later… Hardly any event would be better suited to a truly socially satirical project by the British god of street art named Banksy than the current reality.

Yesterday the “unofficially authorized” exhibition “Banksy Puzzle” opened with about 150 replicas of the original imitation at the tobacco factory in Linz, and will have to be boycotted from Monday.

“All he needs is a pen or a spray can to create a work that says more than a thousand words. Banksy’s work encourages everyone to touch their nose and critically question the prevailing order,” says curator Virginia Jane to the point Banksy makes the work and this fascinating exhibition epitomizes the zeitgeist. .

The unknown artist – he probably lives in the English city of Bristol and is over 50 years old – once bought a yacht. He dyed it pink and made “Louise Michel” out of it. A boat carrying refugees in the Mediterranean.

"Banksy's secret": first look

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Photo gallery: “Banksy puzzle”: a first look

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Whoever Banksy is, his world is one that questions critical, sarcastic, sarcastic, a world of blame without an apparent index finger. A modern Robin Hood who takes money from the wealthy to use when needed. This makes him, apart from his anonymity, an important touch more vulnerable. This is also highlighted by his stunning work “The Girl with the Red Balloon”, which was partially chopped up after its auction for 1.3 million euros in October 2018. Now the work is under the hammer again as “Love in the Trash” – for 19 million euros.

“Banksy puzzle”, Today (from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.) and tomorrow (from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) in the Liberation Hall of the Linz Tobacco Factory. You can buy tickets here.

After closing, the exhibition will run until March 20, 2022.

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