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Barbara Schonberger: Health risks?

Barbara Schonberger: Health risks?

Barbara Schonberger seems to have very little time to see a doctor…

Barbara Schöneberger recently said: Nothing knocks me so fast! The chatty blonde continues: “I love tension!” It is in great demand on German television and wanted “all the time” – for entertainment. There is not much time to relax and unwind. So make time for doctor visits? of course not! I don’t get sick, you don’t have to see a doctor about every little thingBarbara honestly explained in an interview.

Her attitude seems fatal, because the blonde will have every reason to worry: Breast cancer spreads in their families! Barbara Schonberger’s grandmother died of a serious illness at the age of 50. Her mother Anne-Marie (75 years old) also explains: “I go regularly for cancer screening!” Why not be your tough daughter?

One day there will be no way around it…

It gives the impression that Barbara Schonberger is avoiding medical practice. She explained: “In my circle of friends, I’m the one who always says: It’s not that bad, get yourself together!” Dear Barbara, please don’t take it lightly…at least for the sake of your loved ones!

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