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Pirate Adventures FREE demo is now available

Pirate Adventures FREE demo is now available

Get ready for a test drive: With the One Piece Odyssey free demo, pirate fans can now spend the first hours of their next adventure at sea for free.

Unfortunately, only console players have a valid sailing license: the demo is only available on PlayStation 4, 5, and Xbox Series X | S is available while PC players are interested. By the way, the game progress from the demo doesn’t walk the plank, but ships in the full version.

One Piece Odyssey: Experience the beginning of the adventure

The demo was revealed already in December, on Twitter However, aspiring adventurers were reminded of the early treasure hunt opportunity and revealed what players can expect in a free One Piece Odyssey preview session. In a video, Katsuaki Tsuzuki, also the game’s producer, responded with a message to fans:

“We thought about the best content for users to experience before purchasing the game. Therefore, for the demo, we chose the first 1-2 hours from the start of the main game, which includes the range of gameplay that some of you have experienced in real events.”

In the demo, you will experience the beginning of the game, where Luffy and his crew are stranded on the unknown island of Waford and meet the new character Lim. As Tsuzuki says, the first few hours are designed to ease players’ concerns about pacing and highlight aspects of the combat system that require “careful thinking and strategy”.

Game progress and demo bonus

As mentioned earlier, you can transfer your game progress from the trial to the full version of One Piece Odyssey. This means that the free trial is not only ideal for taking a look and evaluating the purchase decision, but also for those who will be holding the title in their hands live on Friday.

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If you need another reason to play the demo, the reward for completing the demo is a Golden Jelly item, but its function is not revealed. If you also want to know what to expect after the first few hours of play, we recommend that you do so The latest trailer for One Piece Odyssey.

Among other things, more scenes will be revealed there, Even if we still have one idea or the other Get this in store for the upcoming DLCs. The future will show if this will be implemented. Then you can set sail on January 13th when One Piece Odyssey for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC appear.