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Barely recognizable Heidi Klum: 'GNTM' presenter posts funny picture

Barely recognizable Heidi Klum: ‘GNTM’ presenter posts funny picture

At that time, Heidi Klum could only dream of a global career. Photo:

If there is an order with the most photographed People Then the world will be Heidi Klum Make sure to be on top. This 48-year-old has now been a prominent model on the catwalks of the world for more than 25 years. A charming life she could only dream of in 1990 when she was a 17-year-old student at Bergisch Gladbach. There are two photos from this time that Heidi has now posted on her Instagram channel – in which she doesn’t look at all like today’s world famous supermodel.

Pitted images look like they have expired. With a white sailor’s hat and a blue jacket with a shirt collar, Heidi looks seriously at the camera. Her lips are made up of dark red, and she wears long eyeliner. But there is no trace of a typical smile here. “Is this really it?” One asks oneself when looking at the blurred photos.

In principle, Heidi Klum does not allow comments on her photos on Instagram

Heidi gives the answer obliquely in the description of the photo. She writes “17 years old, I dream of being a model. With lipstick I exaggerated it a bit.” What did your nine million Instagram fans think of the photo? One can only speculate, because the head of the jury “Germany’s next top model” has turned off the comment function – this is how she does it with all her Instagram photos.

for you fans You are currently getting an unusually large amount of content from Heidi’s guys. Because a few days before his arrival Instagram A picture surfaced showing her as a little girl. Her father Gunter Klum posted it to Nicholas on his Instagram account. It shows the now 76-year-old with little Heidi in her arms. “The little girl in my arms now lives in America,” he writes.

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